How to play classical chess

Mastering this amazing board game starts with learning how to play classical chess. This variation can help you get the hang of the general rules. And you can apply this knowledge later in other types of the game. Further, we provide the main ideas every beginner should keep in mind. They give your play direction and disclose little secrets of professional players. Join chess clubs in Charleston, SC and improve your skills.

How to play classical chess

Play and win! Important tips

  • Learn a few efficient openings. The way you start has an impact on the whole process and the final result. When playing with black pieces, a good opening may bring both players to equal positions. Thus, White can lose the advantage of the first move. Meanwhile, if White successfully plays out some opening, it helps keep the said advantage.
  • Prepare a number of various working strategies. Choose one depending on your opponent’s behavior and his manner of play. During the game, you want to remain flexible. Apply different tactics in accordance with the situation.
  • Assess your position and plan further actions during the rival’s turn. Analyze concrete moves and pick potentially the best ones.

Why should you know how to play classical chess?

This game is useful in many aspects. It has a scientifically proven positive effect on your brain. One’s cognitive skills also grow as a result of regular chess playing. Besides, having such a decent hobby characterizes a person in a good way. You’re guaranteed to have a great reputation if classical chess is your favorite leisure activity.


We’ve given some recommendations on how to play classical chess. Hopefully, you can apply them in your practice and have a certain profit. Good luck!