Classical chess

Among many board games, classical chess is one of the most popular ones. It is played all over the world and inspires people from all walks of life. There are numerous movies dedicated to this game including those based on real stories. Why is it admired on a global level? Let’s take a look at the rules and get to know the basics. It’ll help us understand the reasons for such popularity.

Classical chess

Main rules

The classical variation has quite simple rules. It is played on the board with 64 squares. Each of the two players has 16 chess pieces of either white or black color. It is usually decided by toss and playing with white units is considered more favorable. The opponents take turns to advance their pieces along the board.

The principal goal is to reach the rival’s king and checkmate it. In other words, he should end up in a position where the attack cannot be avoided. All the actions happening on the chess board aim at achieving this final result.

There are 6 types of chess pieces in the game. Each one moves and attacks in its own way. For beginners, learning this part of the rules may seem especially difficult. However, with practice it quickly becomes automatic. Having numerous options for movement makes chess more versatile and engaging.

Why is classical chess popular?

The game combines two quite different features which make it interesting for various people. On the one hand, the rules are simple, straightforward, and self-consistent. This quality attracts logical individuals with rational thinking.

On the other hand, within those strict regulations players have a huge number of possibilities. You can create your own unique combination of moves involving all the tools available. As long as the moves are legal, you’re free to develop your pieces however you wish. But remember, the chosen direction should lead you to victory. Such a characteristic of chess is appealing to artistic and creative people.

With such a set of features, no wonder chess is an incredibly popular game. It can be comprehensible, entertaining, and unpredictable at the same time.


If you want a proper hobby, classical chess is a decent choice. Once you learn the basics, a vast space for self-improvement opens up. You can grow your mastery of this game indefinitely. The only thing required is to practice regularly. Find biographies of famous chess players and their most important achievements at