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  1. i live in karlsruhe and his pronunciation definitely insulted me

  2. World champion with two !! vs World Champion with 5 !!!!!

  3. “Chess … is not all that difficult” had me laughing in funny and in sad

  4. Every time I come to this channel I get abused

  5. You are not good enough that's why you keep watching chess videos 😢

  6. Chess should add title belts like pro wrestling. Just imagine the top players sauntering in with a leather and gold strap on their shoulder placing it on the table and staring down the opponent. Magnus walks in with a belt in each hand (Rapid and blitz) Ding with the Classical belt on his shoulder. This is where chess should be headed!

  7. As a German I was like, who was the GM Szwiechen who invented the Szwiechenzug. And then I realized, Levy's butchering abilities

  8. But you're not even a GM to be speaking about such big matters

  9. The strongest of today Vs the strongest in history

  10. as a german its verry entertaining listening to you trying to pronounce german words

  11. its like "the King is NOT dead – anyway long live the King".. XD

  12. Ding takes en passant because it's forced 🤣🤣

  13. Was about to close the video until I saw it was Rapport, absolutely love his playing style, personal favorite since the 2022 candidates.

  14. Ding to Magnus:- I'm WC as u didn't played
    Magnus:You are the WC bcause I didn't played!!!!!

  15. I loveeee your chess content so much. I always watch your videos 2 times. Amazing chess content

  16. My mom always asks me what i am watching when you are screaming in gte

  17. I can't subscribe to your channle because my mom doesn't let me😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭☹☹☹

  18. What was the name of the tournament?? And what was the final result did Maggi won ???

  19. yknow its pretty valuable to Ding everytime he doesnt lose to Magnus his title solidifies

  20. 10:02 first time i realize that "souischenzug" is actually "Zwischenzug" 😂

  21. You have to pronounce Karlsruhe like: 'Karls ru hè' in a fast way with the accent on Kals. You are not only very competent, but your style is fantastic! (Robert from Holland and Italy)

  22. Bishop F1 to A6 pawn take/pin, queen trade blocked by A4 defending knight….

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