World #1 vs Creative Genius | Grand Finals Game 1 | GRENKE Chess Classic 2024

The grand finals game one Magnus Carlsen vs Richard Rapport at the GRENKE Chess Classic 2024.
Enjoy the exciting chess game between the world number one and the creatíve genius Richard Rapport.

Don’t miss a video of the chess tournament!
Tournament playlist:

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The GRENKE Chess Open and Classic 2024 take place in the Schwarzwaldhalle in Karlsruhe. Over 2500 chess players from all around the world play in the open chess tournament while the best chess players in the world Magnus Carlsen, Ding Liren, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Vincent Keymer, Richard Rapport and Daniel Fridman play in the prestigious GRENKE Chess Classic. We are looking forward to celebrate our passion for a whole week.

Karlsruhe, Schwarzwaldhalle
26 March to 01April 2024

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  1. Just curious was this event not too loud for the players or is this normal because we can hear everything from the crowd just wondering if players are used to that as this is normal

  2. When facing magnus in the finals, you should already accept defeat. So that it won't hurt you afterwards.

  3. Magnus Carlsen is a great player and he would also be great in the new strategy game Murkekos Stars. Many other chess players could also play this game well.

  4. Stockfish's move is just like Carsen's :O

  5. Everyone in the audience has COPD apparently.

  6. I dont understand why magnus did not put rook on g8 at end before he took the bishop promoting a pawn, and why did he take the bishop, to me thats not a winning position as black can take and push past to promotion.. so confused

  7. I might just be glazing here but I truly believe Magnus will know what he wants to do and wait for some minutes to keep the time more even for the sake of his opponent sometimes

  8. 14:30 that white castle could of killed that pond and exposed his bishop.

  9. Hire an editor please, this could’ve been a YouTube reel

  10. I see the game and this make me thinking that magnus is win but then I see 1-0…where 1 is on the side of the other player…someone explain please

  11. 1-0 White. It was a cool game to see.

  12. Magnus wins… and the crowd goes WILD!

  13. wow black is up a bishop…but it doesn't even matter!

  14. Si gondrong mikir nya 1 jam😂

  15. How they dare to play chess in a chair squeaking tournament?

  16. Richards outfit should be illegal. He should start with a pawn down.

  17. this guy mohammed needs to be himself he moves like kasparov, lucky him I didnt play at my level

  18. 12:30 benteng putih makan pion hitam, bagaimana mungkin juara dunia melewatkan itu

  19. So he wrote a song while he was playing, nice!👏🏼

  20. king b6 is such a bad move. even the engine approves it

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