Women’s World Chess Championship

Live Chess : Bhanjanagar, Odisha, India.
21/07/2023 – Women’s World Chess Championship 2023
Description :
The 2023 FIDE Women’s World Championship (FWWC) is the most important women’s over-the-board event of the year. The defending women’s world champion GM Ju Wenjun faces the challenger GM Lei Tingjie to see who will be crowned world champion. The championship starts on July 5 and counts with a €500,000 prize fund.

GM Ju Wenjun is the current women’s world champion and will be playing to defend her title for the third time. She first became the world champion in 2018 after defeating GM Tan Zhongyi. Later that year, she had to win a 64-player knockout tournament to keep her title. Ju then defended her title again in 2020, this time in a match against GM Aleksandra Goryachkina.

Stepping up to the world championship arena for the first time is GM Lei Tingjie. The Chinese grandmaster won the 2021 FIDE Women’s Grand Swiss to guarantee her spot in the 2022-23 Women’s Candidates Tournament. She then defeated GMs Mariya Muzychuk, Anna Muzychuk, and Tan to win the Candidates and earn the right to challenge Ju.

The 2023 FWWC is a 12-game match of classical chess, where the first player to score 6.5 points becomes the Women’s World Champion. Players have 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 more minutes for the rest of the game, plus a 30-second increment per move starting on move one. Players cannot offer a draw before they reach the 41st move.

In case there’s a tie, the following tiebreaks decide the winner in order:

Four games with a 25+10 time control.
Two games with a 5+3 time control.
Two more games with a 5+3 time control.
One game with a 3+2 time control. Players repeat this step with alternating colors until there’s a decisive result.
Starting colors for each step of the tiebreaks are decided by drawing lots, with colors alternating between games.

The event’s prize fund is €500,000, with €300,000 going to the winner and the remaining €200,000 to the other player. If the match is decided on tiebreaks, €275,000 goes to the winner and €225,000 to the runner-up.

The FWWC match takes place in two separate Chinese cities. The first half of the match happens in Shanghai, while the second half occurs in Chongqing.

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