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  1. HIS Pin here but G early girly mind is always present thanks to queen effect on the Z board… en français <<zizi>> borgne loooool 🙂
    thumb !!!!! 😉

  2. Welcome back everyone, here with another video of clickbait! But i liked it anyway 🙂

  3. We know you didn't get GM Levy, we just wanted to watch the video anyway.

  4. Gukesh really deserved to win Tata Steel this year. He should've ended the tournament on 9.5 in first place as he really deserved the win against both Alireza and Pragg. What a heart break for him! 💔💔

    We must find da Wei
    I don’t know da Wei
    We must find da Wei
    Can you show me da Wei?

  6. Man what a fool I am. When Levy said Colle-system I thought I heard Kali-system and remembered back to the good old days with Indiana Jones 2 where the evil character Mola-Ram said: " – Kali-Ma shubtidei… Kali-Ma shubtidei!" and then pointing with his hand at a tied up slave´s heart-region and then thrusting his hand through the chest of the slave and ripping the heart out. Sick stuff this Indiana Jones-adventure.

  7. Damn thought they would do chess boxing

  8. Is crazy when you realize evey era of chess there is a guy who is WAY above everyone else(kasparov, karpov, fischer,etc) and we are not used to actually being uncertain about the tournaments results. Magnus, the king, being out leaves a very big hole that no one can really fill. Ding liren is the champion but he isnt even the best player.

  9. Literally the best tournament since Norway Chess.

  10. Levy for april 1 you gotta do a thing where you analyse and commentate a low elo game like a high level match cuz i swear you can do it. Or the other way around but i guess the first one would be more in your favor but ithink a lot of people would fall for it because you are a great storyteller😂

  11. Levy is the most conceited yet the most humble chess commentator, and this paradox is why he is the most interesting by far.

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