Why No One Likes Garry Kasparov

The story of Garry Kasparov and why he is so disliked!

Special thanks to agadmator for the chess board display!


  1. No one likes Garry Kasparov??? Really mate?? Reading through the comments may suggest otherwise… but I guess accuracy was never the intention, just clickbaiting and some more views for your video. Great job!

  2. You put a photo of Kasparov and flag it with cheater just to gain clicks and views? Do you think Kasparov is a cheater?

  3. Omg this guy has anger issues so thats why we will call him unprofessional. If u are making this video and complaining about such thing u probably failed preschool, if other chass players who are complaining about this cant handle the pressure during the game it is their and only problem

  4. For some reason, you are trying to do a smear job on Kasparov. Maybe someday, someone will do it to you.

  5. wow. i didnt know kasparov had such an ego problem. disgusting

  6. Dang. I like studying his games too. What a prick

  7. He is a poor sport. Slamming his fist hard on the table. Losing a game by walking away letting his time run out. A big baby.

  8. I encountered Kasparov briefly when he was doing a book signing. I said hello. He offered no response, made no eye contact, signed the book and that was it. He was doing the same with everyone. Got a really negative vibe about the guy. I've been around maybe 20 well known GMs, including Karpov, Yasser, Judit, de Firmian, Finegold, Yermolinsky, Short, Gawain Jones, Sam Shankland, Vishy, Magnus, Naka, Aronian. None of them had the snarl and intensity of Kasparov.

  9. Well, Kasparov is definitely not cold blood machine , he is emotional person, his chess career was near 30 year with ups and downs and a lot of questionable things could happen. If this video is a summary of his dark side during chess game – it is pretty good.

  10. Kasparov the best, do not spread hate, why do you do that,..,? are you stupid. ,"No one likes..". think youre exagerating

  11. That fire made him great. Kasparov once said "Levon Aronian will never be World Champion – he smiles after he loses."

  12. For my sanity… I’d rather end the video here! 😂

  13. The short answer is Because he is a liberal

  14. He is still the best known chess player.

  15. Kasparov merely took advantage of a common weakness in many top tier players' game… the psychological aspect. Once he realized that many of his opponent's let his behavior get to them but were too passive to ever really call him out on it in any meaningful way, he simply added it to his already impressive skill set and continued to refine it along with the rest. Had enough fuss been made over it to lead to professional consequences, he would have toned it down (at least enough to avoid any consequences he considered too severe to be worth it.)

  16. What a stupid title of the video. I like him a lot, for example.

  17. me at first: I dunno seems like head gamesmanship
    me later: What a piece of shit

  18. My age is 55 & I remember what you said about kasparov intimidating anand with his behavior was talked about then also

  19. If you don't have ego you can't be a world champion.

  20. Dude, you can’t even pronounce his name correctly much less assess his chess stature.

  21. I still like Kasparov. He also had the utmost respect for the genius of Bobby Fischer and even visited his grave.

  22. There can be tense emotions in chess especially at high level. Bobby Fischer even admitted that he enjoyed crushing the other guys ego.

  23. He was cheating, couldn’t take losing to a woman, this guy is a little worm-ish.

  24. 3:00 it was and still is a fact that no woman is going to beat a world champion. She can put on her big girl pants to play Kasparov.

  25. Thank you very much for useful information and well OBSERVED video

  26. I would have been tempted to slap him an tell him to sit still. all that jumping around was pathetic.

  27. Imo there's a reason why he left USSR/Russia. People talk and think a lot about the end-result, but i can't even start to imagine the "outside" pure pressure of just trying to become the World Chess Champion during those decades! And never think that the surrounding environment/habitat in which anyone lives, at the end of the day, don't influence one's decisions and actions.

  28. Also i do find it very different when people talk about "professionalism" in games, sports and/or videogames when compared to professions (many of them considered average) that are actually core to maintain a normal society work and develop forward, at a basic but also incredibly complex level, the best way it can.

  29. I still remember when Kasparov was 2 years old.

  30. No one likes Kasparov?? That is not correct

  31. He also cheated against Nakamura in Saint Louis in 2017.

  32. Show me one #1 at anything who doesn't have an ego problem. The masses describes it as 'ego problem' because they don't understand that without it you cannot go boyond what everyone else does in order to become the nr.1

  33. Funnily enough, I've never been a particular fan of Kasparov. This just confirms my feeling.

  34. I don't find the perspective of this video balanced, a lot of positive things can be said about Kasparov.
    Remember that the sovjet collaborateur Karpov was backed by the old system, instead Kasparov as an individualist had to face them as a team? He was struggling with the corrupt FIDE in the nineties until he founded PSA professional chess association as a result. Later he went onto politics,
    he fought for real democracy in post sovjet Russia and then against Putins system and he was arrested many times with no reason. In the end he had to leave Russia and requst asylum in US. How much stress and pressure must he have faced during his career. I am personally happy that I am not playing at that level and that my live is not recorded on camera all the time. Imagine that all of my missteps would be pointed out negatively in public.

  35. what the f? everyone likes Kasparov! please close your channel we don't want this kind of crap in the chess world.

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