Why No One Likes Garry Kasparov

The story of Garry Kasparov and why he is so disliked!

Special thanks to agadmator for the chess board display!


  1. bruh I didn't knew Garry Kasparov was such a badass.. Wokege

  2. Another YouTube video "Why <insert your opinion here> is the absolute truth"? 🤦 Everyone likes Garry Kasparov. Not just as a chess player. He is very respected in his country – Russia for his political work. In 2001 he already saw where everything is going and was speaking against Putin's upcoming dictatorship, 22 years ago!

  3. Oh no this guy is pushing the clock hard and setting down his pieces in a twisting fashion I can’t focus. Seems like a lot of ppl were just mentally weak. I was expecting alot worse when the video started. Part of anything competitive is the mental aspect and not getting rattled.

  4. First I've heard of this. Who openly said they did not like Kasparov, and why?

  5. Small men get can harbor a need to 'prove' that they are better than 'everyone thinks'. Like putler

  6. When one is young their passions and fire run deep. When we are older we mellow somewhat and learn respect for our opponents. We will still remain competitive and sorrow over our team's losses, but we will no longer want to crush the enemies. Perhaps the pressures are different for top level players, especially chess players, because one can't stand it when their intellect fails them. But to be certain, Mr. Kasparov was a brilliant chess player. If it matters, he has my respect.

  7. I thought Garry was a nice chess player. Maybe he changes now

  8. The dude is obviously a psychopath. His rabid neocon politics are further evidence of that.

  9. Kasparov is a force of Nature and was at the top for 20 yrs….many put him above today's best GM's.

  10. We cannot expect a russian pawn to have manners.

  11. Quite a stretch. Drama queens will be drama queens tho

  12. I think we’d all could have a highlight film of shameful actions that we regret through out our lives….

  13. Bobby Fischer did the prima donna act first and better.

  14. Hi, Everyone and ( Mayhem Chess )… "Ego and cheating will ruin a chess player and their future." The chess world is watching… Chess players have very good memories and do ( NOT ) forget easily… I have often thought, that Garry Kasparov has some mental problems… * I still respect and hope Garry Kasparov has the very best in life and his future… "Semper Fi" Mike in Montana P.S.: I have more respect for Judit Polgar, than Kasparov… 🙂

  15. This is a rather emotional analysis. If we look at different sports, people who could be considered GOATs in their respective sports (just a few examples: Brady, Schumacher, Hamilton, Djokovic, Jordan, hell, even Maradona) were all willing to commit controversial actions that were far from virtuous if that meant they had a better chance to win, and they could get away with it. These people aren't so great in spite of their "moral flaws", it's precisely one of the qualities that puts them above most. Whether you like it or not, it's always been like that for the most part. So yeah, this is just biased.

  16. I like Kasparov. I don‘t like untalented sensationalists trying to make an easy buck.

  17. You are saying that he cheated by moving his knight to a different square, but from the video it looks like he never took his hand off the knight! The move is not complete until
    the hand releases the piece! Where he puts the piece while still having it in his grip does not matter!

  18. I watch chess and try to play it sometimes, but I know almost nothing about this game. I think the only reason I hate this "man" is politics. After leaving Azerbaijan, he started talking badly about us and tried very hard to convince the world that he and his nation were victims. The reality was completely different. When I look at him, all I see is an Armenian boomer and his empty soul. If you breathe the air of my country and eat my bread, don't betray me.

  19. Who ever has made this video needs to see his doctor or if i see him in real life i wanna slap him in the face

  20. I understand Garry, as a man who hates losing and someone who is very hard on themselves. Chess is merciless and Garry’s reactions are not out of the ordinary at all. I just think that he is hot headed and makes some idiotic remarks at times. Also, can you really expect much social intelligence/common decency from someone who analyzes Chess, play it to make money, and has a burning passion to win at the game? Can you view him the same way after realizing what sort of situation he has put himself in (what environment he engulfed himself in)?

  21. This completely changes my opinion about kasparov and it's a shame that he never took responsibility about his cheat and that no action was ever taken by the international federation. A true champion, an intelligent person, should compliment and encourage younger generation, he had nothing to prove, he would have been better acknowledging his opponent worth

  22. His first lose was from a machine what did you expect you just can't be the best for 20 years without being odd

  23. So an all time chess great is an asshole, oh well what's more important. Kasparov was no role model and personally asshole outranks being good at anything.

  24. people dont like him bc he is the best player in chess history, and bobby fischer's daddy

  25. Absolutely true, especially the incident with Radjabov, both of whom are from the same city – Baku, what a disgrace. Moreover, Kasparov went to the same chess school as Radjabov's father!

  26. These incidents are decades ago!
    And since Kasparov has faced down Putin, risked arrest and even murder… so yes, he as we all have, he may have made mistakes, but I do think he has grown as a person.
    You talk about ego, but there's no greater sacrifice and courage than someone who is prepared to risk everything for what he believes in!

  27. I have looked at "sore loser" in the dictionary and I saw Kasparov picture. But hey, I still love Kaspy.

  28. Bobby Fisher was the best of his era, a psychopath, Garry Kasparov also the best of his era, psychopath as well, I'm seeing a trend of what's gonna happen to Magnus Carlsen a few years from now.

  29. NO ONE ? Counting is kindergarten, right ? ))))

  30. when you reach such a level of playing, the pressure gets more and more intense. being called the best player of all time didn't help the pressure at all. Other than him definitely being a bit arrogant and with a big ego, it was definitely also out of passion and maybe even a little fear of losing his spot. much love to the best player of all time

  31. A lot of people like him, he does things that I think were bad too, but I still like him. A lot of chess players do these things. The video is put together very nicely with interesting footage, but to say "NO ONE" is not true and wrong. Kasparov has done a lot of good things for chess players too. He went out of his way to help Magnus. This video only gives one side, yes he has done some of these pretty terrible things, but he has also done a lot of nice things as well, and to act like he only wins because of how me hits the clock too hard etc is a bit absurd. Anyone who has played lightning chess is pretty used to this, at least back then when we did it over a real chess board.
    I like Kasparov, so do not count me in that list.

  32. Kasparov is still the best in his prime days

  33. This is ridiculous. "Why no one likes Garry Kasparov." That's a little much. Sure, he has an ego and his outbursts are not a good look. But if that's the worst you can accuse him of then it's quite sad. If your mistakes and pitfalls were recorded and broadcasted what would people say about you? That goes for everyone. He was in a competitive field for a big duration of his life. Many people do like Garry and to say no one does is dishonest. Look at your favourite player in any sport. They have done some terrible things too. Does "everyone not like (insert name)" no, of course not. Bad actions should be met with an appropriate response but also having the understanding that they are human beings and do stupid crap like the rest of us seems like a more honest take. It's not like Garry committed a serious crime against humanity. He's a brat at the chess table and if you don't like it then it's reasonable to feel that way. But personally it doesn't bother me. Competitive people have an ego even if they don't show it outwardly. His just happens to be on full display.

  34. What can be worse than Magnus Carlsen the sore loser whop accused his 19-year old opponent of cheating (when no such thing happened) after he lost the game. Not just that but even worse he quit the tournament and tried to ruin his opponent career by announcing he will never play him gain (thus getting him indirectly banned from big invitational tournaments).

  35. It's surprising that he didn't go full on Bobby Fischer.

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