Why 2900 Classical Rating Is Nearly Impossible

Hikaru shows us the lifetime rating charts of various Grandmasters in the chess world while chat roasts their profile pictures.















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  1. Misleading title: No explanation why someone at 2850 will struggle to get the last 50 points from reasons related to Elo rating pool decline to pressure to accept draws in matches.

  2. People complaining that the title is clickbait are proof that most people lack the ability to think critically and extrapolate. They need a direct statement to tell them exactly what the point is lol

  3. Someone in the chat asked, if they should drop out of high school to get to 750 from 600 🤣🤣

  4. It's going to be hard to reach 2900s because players are getting better every year, and the better the play the more likelihood of draws.

  5. Brain becomes less plastic and it's harder to learn when you get older.

  6. I’m 19 years old, have played chess most days for a couple years, and I’ve plateaued at 450 lmaoooooo I’m so bad

  7. Whats the money like for a 2600 – 2700 GM? seems a lot of them went to uni instead of focusing on chess.

  8. See I’m just stalling in 300.. I’ll be up to 2900 soon enough

  9. Why is there a women’s and girl’s chess division? Honestly curious, don’t eat me alive in the replies 😂😅

  10. People kept asking for ali reza’s chart but hes not even old enough to have had his stall out yet 😭

  11. He did everyone but Magnus himself, unfortunately 🙂

  12. The college years are so disruptive to chess, that even if you don't attend, it ruins your rating! 👨‍🎓 – j q t –

  13. The 20-21 thing is because your brain stops being overwhelmed by hormones. It is the perfect range where your brain is still sharp but it starts to calm down and lets you focus.

  14. Right now im at like 550 elo. Ive already had brilliant moves and as of recently, play at about 70% accuracy. But im still sitting below 600. Im a 900 in puzzles and am good at finding forks. Why do i still suck

  15. I wonder if anyone would be willing to get hit on the head, be in a coma for a year, if a meant that they will suddenly have a Hikaru level chess talent after waking up.

  16. Chess is waiting for someone to come along with a freakish, mindbending 300 plus IQ in order for 2900 to be properly broken. Wonder if we'll see it in our lifetime…

  17. Chess players rating when they finally get some bitches ——————

  18. Just make your babies watch chess videos instead of "Baby Einstein" It's that simple

  19. May they all hit the wall at 2600-2700 because its the actual limit of humans ( exept 3-4 world class players at 2800) . So its probably not that they all top out at 21 years of age, they probably hit the wall because its "there".

  20. I could’ve beaten Hikaru – when he was just learning how to move the pieces

  21. Watched for 34 minutes waiting for him to discuss people who have a conceivable shot at 2900 and why it’s so hard- what a misleading title. Show Magnus and Alireza, or title the video differently.

  22. if Chess was as popular as Go in the far east, then 2900 would be reached. Koreans are better at extreme specialization. Note how the high chess ranks have many East Asian players, but the high Go ranks have zero causasian players. The strongest Caucasian are well behind the asian women.

  23. Hikaru, how far do you think a 15 year old 1800 can get to?

  24. We have no idea what the human limit is as training methods, theory, and engine sophistication/interface improves

  25. I started chess at 35. Now I'm Elo 700. Next year at this time I expect to crush hikaru.

  26. Age doesn't matter. The only thing that makes people not improve their rating as they age is because of DRIVE.

  27. Maybe another reason is that most of the time they won't get strong enough opponents (Super GMs) to help them realize their own problems so they can find out how to improve to the 2750+ level. But one thing is for sure: if you want to be on the top level, you have to sacrifice yourself to chess.

  28. 👀 me trying to learn chess in 23years old 👀
    Edit: i lost 34min of my life

  29. Is hikaru using stock technical analysis to determine chess ratings? He didn't say bull trap and head and shoulders but he could have. He did say world of investing. Double top gapping breakthrough

  30. By the way when you are 10-19 or so your body is using a lot of it's calories and nutrition to build the body. Then when the body is finished the brain can be finished developing and by 21 or so it's all down hill

  31. It is impossible, because carlsen the only true 2800(others 2800 are randomly jumped and then dropped, while carlsen at this point for more than decade), not enough food(player base) to feed him to 2900.

  32. Hikaru 2900 rating impossible
    Magnus hold my beer

    Wow today Magnus reached 2900 rating 🐐🐐🐐

  33. I'm wondering if people will go back to this video, it's interesting when Hikaru mentions about the dips and that it's not stable… with the current events going on it's not a surprise.

  34. This video had nothing to do with why it's nearly impossible to get 2900.

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