When Young Magnus Carlsen Challenged Garry Kasparov

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When 13 Year Old Magnus Carlsen Challenged Garry Kasparov



  1. I love how Magnus was obessive about straightening his pieces even at age 13. Some things never change.

  2. One of the best chess narrations on YouTube thanks.

  3. Treating it like an equal game when Kasparov was behind on time pressure from move one is stupid.

  4. while casparow is weltclass, Magnus is just unmatched. Im pretty sure he would have beeten Kasparov in his prime.

  5. Lately I have been watching a lot of chess videos. I still have no idea about what's going on or what the narrator is saying but it's exciting.

  6. I love that you can see Kasparov waking himself up a bit halfway through as he realises how good Magnus really is.

  7. NGL, if a kid beats me at chess, I'm beating him up

  8. יצחק קונסטנטין דדשב says:

    They played I didn't know , I wander what would be the result today 2 of the best ever

  9. Today, magnus would have never taken the draw… he would have worn Gary down for another 30 moves in hopes he blunders.

  10. I think AI has given newer players an unfair advantage in study.
    These older GM’s learned patterns on their own or even in the moment.
    BC of that, I’d say Magnus’s peak is definitely the highest of all GM’s.

  11. isnt that the guy who made an electric guitar and then shocked himself and the audience?

  12. So, that's where Magnus was inspired to arrive late.

  13. Kasparov is GOD. He never trained with engines and he was still the best.

  14. Wow. A draw with Kasparov and Magnus was only 13. That says a lot about Magnus’ talent.

  15. If Kasparov and Carlsen will have a match, I'll bet RD 5 rear naked choke for Carlsen

  16. They all must have Microchips in their Brains from Microsoft.

  17. Can someone give me a sports analogy for how people think of these 2 I am new to the chess world

  18. Answer to the very first line of the video – Yes, it's Bobby Fischer.

  19. although i understand basic chess , the way you told the story and the music made me stay till the final second of the clip!

  20. If you move too much the board then how can we follow the game

  21. This day the world saw a "New King was Born in Chess Kingdom"

  22. thats 20 years back, holy cow its 2023!!

  23. Pragananada is best chess player in world

  24. I dont think G Kasparov things of himself as a Russian.

  25. Seems like both are OCD patients.

  26. Now i understand why my parents used to tell me im a failure when i was teenager

  27. It's odd that it shows Magnus shaking hands then moving–which implies Kasparov wasn't losing time since his clock wouldn't be running. In fact, Magnus' clock would be running, since he's White and it's his move. Unless they are using some rules I'm not aware of.

  28. Commenting on chess matches move by move makes it sound so much like an anime.

  29. Just gave this kid a tie not to make him cry

  30. These GOAT debates are so middle school. Just appreciate great players for the time for the time in which they existed.

  31. what if you scroll back up and challenge that sub button

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