When Young Magnus Carlsen Became World Chess Champion

When Young Magnus Carlsen Became World Chess Champion

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Video style inspired by Classical! Go check them out too 🙂


  1. You know whats makes this game more magnificent, Magnus LITERALLY did not move his bishop and queen the ENTIRE GAME!

  2. I barely know how to play chess and I find this very interesting thank you.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I always find some information that's new to me about chess. So I see this is how players exchange being champions.., hmm, so who is going to be next after Mister Carlsen?

  4. Can anyone see why the last knight move was a blunder?

  5. it feels absolutely comical that its portrayed as though theyre shocked or thinking on their feet during the first moves even though im willing to bet everything until at least g4 was prep. like he really made it sound as though this was the first time the nimzo indian was played.

  6. they are playing book openings moves and the commentator acts as if they are being sneaky or big brain.

  7. It’s a knight on the rim is dim – not grim 😂

  8. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the final game, this was just the last game Magnus won. The last game was the next game and was actually a draw, but it put Magnus at the 6 1/2 out of 12 points he needed to win the match since he gained 1/2 point from the draw.

  9. i just realized that he’s been gm the same amount of years I’ve been alive 😳 also i kinda admire him lol

  10. Vishay Anad? Curious pronunciation… is it a bot??

  11. thats the sloppiest naration I've ever seen, you were calling out the wrong squares tyhe whole way through? whats with that? you're just churning out low quality crap for views

  12. why does it say "intense thinking" when it´s literally just the opening

  13. Man, on the third Anand you say b3 instead of c3. It makes me doubt if you know what you are talking about.

  14. Are we all just not going to say anything about the bullshit this man is spouting? "The Knight move was a mistake because he sacrifices his own attack?!" What the fuck?

  15. Seems like an unbelievable blunder for a champion! Doesn't blocking with the bishop win pretty easily?
    After Magnus would then move to c1 or d3, Vishy would then bring the room to h4 , and Magnus can't block the mate nor can he draw with perpetual check: After Qe3, king moves to g2, Magnus then only has Qd2 , but now Vishy can play Be2 blocking the Queen and the Queen is out of checks. What did I miss???

  16. Bruce Rivers he's the criminal lawyer. And who is he? Bruce Rivers he's the criminal lawyer. And who is he? Bruce Rivers he's the criminal lawyer. And what he do?

  17. 0:40 not seeming surprised? What, because he didn't play the only opening in chess, E4? Wow, D4, huge surprise.

    Hilarious how the narrator makes it seem like the main line of the nimzo Indian is something these players are making up as they go along. Like Anand being surprised by bishop b4, a super aggressive move by magnus. Gimme a break.

    3:27 seriously I can't take this. Vishys playing off his back foot? THE POSITION IS .2 FOR WHITE…….

  18. Quick tip for your videos. Make some kind of slide (stick sponsors, ads, channel info or whatever you want on it) and put it at the very end of your video and extend the video length by 10 seconds that way the actual end of the footage isnt covered by previews of some other recommended vid.

  19. He makes a blunder (we see the bar go to almost black)… game over…
    Me: owkee… how, why?! I don't think like a computer.

  20. I love this commentator. Feels like I am watching crime series. haha

  21. Queen G7 isn’t checkmate😂 the knight can take the queen

  22. I was waiting for something to happen but they just stopped playing. Makes chess a bit annoying to watch sometimes. If I want to learn something, don't stop after one mistake.

  23. I feel like the person who wrote the script doesn’t play chess

  24. i nerver shake hand until last pond die..

  25. What am I missing, so he "blundered" sure, protected from check —
    even if he then moved his rook to h4 and he took it with the queen (after movin it first obviously after knight move)
    then vishy couldve took his doubled queen with his original queen
    and it wouldve been fight-on again , tho carl had a few extra pieces, it wasnt necessarily over? lol

  26. Magnus just enjoying every game not totally enjoying every achievement

  27. You are a liar!!!! This is not a match between these two players and the fact you did this just because its an isnteresting game to get views is unacceptable.

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