When Magnus Played The #1 Female Player

When Magnus Played The #1 Female Player



  1. Maybe if she identified as a man she would have won.

  2. Lotta errors in this video. The d5 thing. The not acknowledging she moved her queen to defend the pawn. And then you got the players colors confused and I'm only halfway through.

  3. First time “in her open H file” felt spicy

  4. Can anyone tell me why we care about the sex of the players

  5. While in no way am i an expert player, probably playing in the 1200 range, i love leaving pieces open and setting up for other trades, making my partner choose between losing say a queen vs a rook. Or advancing a better position and setup at the risk of losing a medium to high value piece.

    Course played a teenager a few weeks back. he wanted a win on me (at least one) and played 7 games. Beat him every time. I'm sure he cheated at least once probably taking a piece or adding a piece when i wasn't looking, but still managed to pull through. (Probably didn't help he was baiting me to make moves before i was ready in a ADHD way)

  6. “Magnus plays d5, a standard opening move”

    He's starting to believe…

  7. Look, he didn't have to dress like a woman to win.

  8. Why In the name of fuck am i watching this at 3am when i got To wake up at 6am. God bless youtube

  9. No female has EVER won an entire match against a world champion. A single game, yes, but no woman has ever won a full match.

  10. The moves r so advances I can’t even understand what they were thinking while doing it

  11. For her: A nightmare
    For Magnus: A normal day😂

  12. I mean Magnuss is somewhere around 2900+ right, so she being well over 100 points below would suggest he could beat her most of the time anway.

  13. I wonder is chess the most boringest bored game ever or, strategic bored game ever?…. Both

  14. I know very little about chess but that was exciting, wow!

  15. Commenter : Magnus play d5! My god, that is a very aggressive move, instantly forbids the opponent to move their centre pawns! Looks like his opponent will have to use a very different tactic, making Magnus dominate the tempo of the game immediately!

  16. This is chess analysis for people who don't follow chess. No lines, no showing of combinations etc. Zzzzz

  17. Guys are better at everything. Except bearing children. But we'll be doing that soon too.

  18. The only player that can defeat Magnus is a player that IS NOT HUMAN.

    A computer.

  19. men vsing wahmen in anything is like a wahman vsing a child in anything. that is why wahmens require their own divisions in both sports and the workplace.

  20. magnus: plays his first move
    thumbnail: stunned 😱😱😱

  21. 2100 here and I mean i cant really say much being 600 points lower but did Judith really not see kc3? I mean it was the first thing I looked at and everyone knows two pieces are better than a rook😊

  22. has anybody noticed the thumbnail of the video?
    Magnus plays the first move, d4, and the woman is apparently stunned

  23. I wish I was taught how to play chess I'm not intelligent enough I don't think. Beautiful game really is

  24. Magnus: Plays first move in the game Judith Polgar:*stunned*

  25. Love your videos! I actually felt pretty sad when I saw that your first video was off the channel. That was a masterpiece just like all the others. Keep it going!

  26. I absolutely love this channel, probably the best chess channel ever, go and exceed GothamChess as well!

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