When Magnus Played The #1 Female Player

When Magnus Played The #1 Female Player



  1. The kings Indian defense isn’t d4 nf6 anyways great video

  2. “Magnus plays d5, a standard opening move”

    My man, thats d4

  3. sounds nice, but man, do you know what are you talkin´ about? Doesnt seem like it…

  4. I don't think girls can play chess. Imagine thinking girl can play chess very well… What a shame

  5. I dont get the checkmate… he wasnt in check

  6. Loss to Judit polgar will ruin Magnus' reputation?

    Judith has defeated multiple former World Champions and Magnus has lost to much weaker players.

  7. I did not know that Magnus could play D5 to start the opening, bro really has superpowers

    edit: MOM IM FAMOUS ! 1.3K LIKES WTF??!?

  8. Aw, man, this is great, he’s gonna destroy her, wow,
    I’m 1000 by the way, and I can see these ideas, this is actually great though,

  9. Congrats on the channel growth @ClassicalMate awesome editing and sound design.

  10. 0:26 "His chess reputation was going to be ruined forever" what a ridiculous statement, Judit hasn't won any classical games against Magnus, but to suggest that she is so bad it would forever ruin Magnus' reputation is an incredibly disrespectful thing to say, Judit has beaten Magnus in 19 moves in the past.

  11. why would magnus his chess reputation be ruined forever for losing to the best female player in the world? Sounds misogynistic to me

  12. I swear to god if ludwig makes this entire channel's legacy into 1 ten minute video and doesn't make any more videos on here because it was "a social experiment" imma be mad bcs I just wanted more videos on online lore then it stopped. Very sadge

  13. What a explaing good commentary finally i able to understand the moves 😂

  14. bro really opened with d5. manski got dem superpowers

  15. I love how the thumbnail says "stunned" after he just started the game with the most common opening ever 💀

  16. Didn’t know pawns couldn’t go 3 squares. Thanks for the tip

  17. nf6 isn't the king's indian its only the king's indian if g6 is played

  18. Wednesday cello is in the background playing

  19. I don't even like chess but I enjoyed following that match for some reason. Maybe I only like matches that last 5 minutes.

  20. magnus plays D5, a "standard opening move."

  21. Ah yes, the classic D5 opening by white where a pawn can move 3 squares on the first move, completely dominating blacks side of the board. The best move for black after such an opening is to simply resign!

  22. Why does your vid keep buffering at some timestamps!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up!!!!

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