When Magnus Crushed Hikaru Nakamura

Magnus Carlsen was a two in a row World Blitz Champion, when he met Hikaru in the 2019 World Blitz Finals.. Both players being extremely talented in the format, it was going to have to be a close match.. But things didn’t go quite as planned for Hikaru…

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  1. Magnus' moves are just a few revolutions down Engine level

  2. Humorously enough, Hikaru looked more stunned when Charlie crushed XQC.

  3. Poor guy.
    I dont even play chess but can tell that man hikaru is living in the shadow of mr carlsen

  4. yo there's this guy who is copyrighting you and doesn't give you credits. Please issue a copyright claim to @Chess Libary

  5. With me, if I get a chance to take a piece. I'm taking it every time. No need to even think about it

  6. I understand magnus is a natural chess prodigy, But I may be wrong in the fact magnus's "backing" has allowed him to stay top tier. That fresh cut and tailored suit vs hikarus "shabby" look clearly indicate some rich people have backed magnus and so they should as he is a natural talent. But Don't underestimate the ability to "provide" a chess prodigy to be able to study and basically live chess 24/7 while all financial burdens are taken care of by "supporters"/benefactors. AKA very similar to pro korean esport player households. BTW I'm not saying magnus isn't the "best" but he clearly has a support team far superior which has allowed him to stay on top.

  7. Rxh7+ mate in 3 instead of Nxf7+, but the tension was high and Nxf7+ also wins easily 😉

  8. Magnus keeps Hikaru’s humbleness in check

  9. If this game is a crush, then the Sinquifield 2018 in Saint Louis game in an annihilation.

  10. Hikaru is a great player but his bad luck he was born in magnus time.

  11. magnus crushed him every time i thought ..maybe odd game here or there

  12. you put a spoiler about who will win in the title….

  13. at 4:06 didnt magnus have a forced mate? rxh7, kxh7, qh5, kg8 and ne7 mate

  14. Not gonna lie but these two look like they can be brothers….,. obviously half siblings

  15. Hikaru at the end of the video finding the move that lost him the game and the sequence of moves that wins him the game is the explanation of that face 😂😂

  16. Hello @Classical, Can we have a meeting to discuss how you create your videos. I am looking to learn from you. Thank you

  17. i feel like magnus planned out the whole match. Maybe Hikaru is too predictable in responses.

  18. Yyyeeesss magnus wins. But i feel bad for hikaru

  19. Bro i thought magnus and hikaru was the same person 💀

  20. the faces of both players next to Magnus is that of an angry spoiled brat. Are chess players generally like this?

  21. This fight is Crazy Bro and it only took 4:36 Seconds and minutes

  22. This channel is really good. Thank you!😀

  23. The two greatest chess players ever…. 👑

  24. Being so much better than anyone else but there's this one guy that you never beat in the long run is endlessly frustrating.
    You're a true genius, but that one mf is just something else, that's infuriating.
    Probs to the King though, Magnus is great!

  25. This video is great if you watch it muted. Get out of here with this voice over..

  26. Please avoid changing perspective so often, its quite hard to actually visually follow the game without pausing.

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