When Magnus Carlsen Was Accused Of Cheating

When Magnus Carlsen Was Accused Of Cheating

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  1. classical has the best chess videos ong

  2. people who thought magnus was cheating were probably losing🤣

  3. He wasn’t accused of cheating… why Re you clickbaiting and lying? Dislike

  4. I love how fast paced and exciting you make your videos! Great work I’m a big fan! 👍🏻

  5. i never thought alireza firouzja would get so jelous, this is not normal at all… (magnus carlsen is just better😂)

  6. Early gang here 👇 (also 11th comment)


  8. bro really put an 50s ad in a 6m video. cant believe alireza is that petty

  9. TLDR
    Magnus gets a win rather than a draw despite having only a king and a bishop, despite Alireza being three pawns up in an opposite color bishop end game. This is because checkmate is TECHNICALLY possbile, even though extremely unlikely at GM level.

    Alireza also calls Magnus's conduct into question because he alleged that him swearing at himself in Norwegian was done deliberately to distract. The word "cheating" is never used at all other than the clickbait title

  10. Magnus magnus’d because Magnus magnuses to el magnum for Magnus which magneses Magnus to Magnus the Magnus with magnusing, and magnuses the Magnus, which Magnus wins. Basically, gibberish.

  11. After 3 montes video coming plz we are waiting for you're video plz classicalmate 👍😀😀

  12. I think he got caught up in all the excitment and was so determined he was going to win he couldnt believe otherwise. But if it should of been a draw or not is not for me to say

  13. Alireja can eat magnus alive in a chess game if he wishes to

  14. ali reza is a sore loser – just have just accepted the result instead of moaning like a turd

  15. There is an account on tiktok that stole your whole video, I can email links to you if you want.

  16. i think what magnus said when he was mad was just simply fu+k

  17. What a garbage title… this garbage that misleads the world with the titles should be banned by YouTube🤮🤮🤮

  18. my goodness why does anyone ever challenge magnus he is insanely good and that is an understatement

  19. I think the E5 response was already suspicious. Has it been played in a chess game ever before?

  20. Finally a channel that knows how to cover chess matches in a fun way! 😮❤

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