When Magnus Carlsen Played An Illegal Move

Magnus Carlsen being the best player of our generation barely makes any mistakes, that is until this game, where Magnus played an ILLEGAL move.. Something world champions almost never do.



  1. I loved how is acted like he did not know anything!😁😁😁

  2. it doesnt matter what happens to magnus or what move he plays he will always find a way to win.

  3. So, theres this dramatic as fuck video about him accidentally touching a piece after he let go of it already

  4. My boi got that smol percentage down pat…
    Chris Pratt

  5. Magnus be like:
    "What do you mean?"

    "ok, ok then" 💀

  6. Magnus playing an illegal move against Boris even though he won Boris's knight, I mean Magnus just wasn't in his prime here

  7. Then why is the clock button there? If it is to signal that their turn is over then if he did not signal his turn is over then he still should be able to adjust it.

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