When Magnus Carlsen Defeated Bill Gates in 12 Seconds

Bill gates is one of the richest and smartest men alive, but what happens when he faces the world champion, Magnus Carlsen?

I am Ludwig.

Checkmate, checkmate.


  1. Tbh that’s easy! I would beat Bill Gates in my sleep.

  2. Couldn’t even last 15 seconds… I bet his wife is disappointed too

  3. Richest man in the world idk about that chief Jeff besos and Elon musk are pretty up there

  4. magnus loss to le quang liem a Vietnamese player

  5. I'm confused. Magnus moved his bishop and his knight on the same turn. I thought you couldn't move two pieces at once?
    Edit: nvm I finally noticed that pawn to g3 wasn't narrated

  6. Bill Gates is a complete failure at chess. Magnus has not done anything exceptional.

  7. bill gates be like – how much you charge for playing 1 match..come please I'm getting bored in weekends

  8. Why is no one talking about how this is Ludwig's new secret channel? I mean it's plastered everywhere. and even the business email is called mogulmastersecret1. I'm guessing he didn't expect the first video to get so many views, and is now seeing how far he can ride the wave.

  9. The fact he does this while looking like gordon ramsay is awesome

  10. When Magnus defeated Bill Gates in 12 sec (in Chess). this should be the title.

  11. you really should work on your commentary… it just wrong the entire game

  12. Nahhh what is brother Ahgren tryna do 💀💀💀🪦

  13. Wow im early and im still amazed even tho i barely know how to play

  14. This is not much of a challenge for magnus carlsen at all but defeating a 1600 in 9 moves is still impressive. 👌

  15. If You play a4,b4,c4,d4,e4,f4,g4,h4 it is probably the world's most worst move ,if it's against magnus carlsen

  16. bill gates be like wait why am i trying i know im going to lose.
    magnus: thinking, why does this guy have hope?

  17. For those wondering, the "12 seconds" refer to the total time it took Magnus Carlsen to make all his own moves according to the chess clock. Bill's moves are counted separately. That's why it's "12 seconds" despite the video being over 2 minutes.

  18. This is just a insane good video don't forget us bro

  19. 1.600 elo for bill gates? its actualy prety good

  20. Him 12.2 seconds
    Me : Then why is the video 161 seconds long

  21. Magnus: Beats Bill
    Bill:Makes PC

  22. every description is about ludwig… hmm… if this is another one of those "I made a secret YouTube channel to prove it's not luck" videos then I'm impressed. cough cough Online Lore cough cough

  23. It actually wasn't a checkmate cauae of Enpassant the secret rule so Bill Gates could have actually won

  24. Gates distracted… worrying what Epstein had on him

  25. NOTE: 1600 rated player would not normally miss such a mate in 1 (Unless tilted), so I guess it is 1000 rated player at most.

  26. 3.Bd3 is not of 1600 rating level in my opinion.

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