When Magnus Carlsen Arrived 2.30 Minutes Late For a 3 Minute Game

When Magnus Carlsen Arrived 2.30 Minutes Late For a 3 Minute Game

i am not ludwig


  1. Chess 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that is all.

  2. Magnus still takes a second to shake his opponents hand

  3. That's disrespectful and unsportsmanlike. His opponent should have gotten up and left.

  4. Losing fairly is more honorable than winning to a technicality.

  5. why does the clock seem to be adding time in the end?

  6. Ok, I am very surprised that everyone here seems to think Vladisev dropped his clock on purpose. I am 99% sure this is in fact not the case.
    As a 2550 rated player this guys has 0 chance vs Magnus, Magnus would win even if he started the game with 5 seconds on the clock.

  7. Magnus finished the game having more time than when it started.

  8. And people say freeza’s 5 minutes was unrealistic

  9. what's with the timer. its adding 2 seconds to the time every time a player hits the button. please explain someone.

  10. Rather than showing second half 9f game properly ur showing this like a dkn movie explaining so much toward starting of video how magnus was late.. then at crucial point u fkn swap camera distracting and no understand anything.. stop making chess videos and stock to cartoon videos

  11. Why is the timer going up? He had 3s at one point and then a few moves later he has 10s .. kind of defeats the purpose of a timer no?

  12. Carlsen’s lates are clearly a publicity stunt

  13. I don’t know anything about chess but this was cool.

  14. blocking the board with a follow up video just the moment the game decides is just begging me to leave this channel

  15. Having been out of the chess loop for 15 years….. is the game on different clock rules? As the clocks go up at certain points. That wasn’t a proper 3 mins

  16. Vladisev: Sportsmanship vs. Carlsen: Gamesmanship
    Carlsen: Checkmate

  17. Oh yea also lemme homie stock Hungrybox that seems like a good idea lmao

  18. 1 minute and 20 seconds, watch the clock from Magnus go from 0.32 seconds back to 0.34. THATS ACTUALLY SO CRAZY WHY DID THAT HAPPEN, WHY DOES NO 1 NOTICE.




  19. Pff. he didn't do it for sportsmanship.. he did it because if he lost he'd be made a fool.

  20. I am so confused by all of this stuff like French defense in my mind I’m just like … guy win other guy lose?

  21. sagdaki adamin kafasi ne kadar buyuk lan

  22. 2:00 this is not true. Atleast there are indications magnus did things in this match he doesn’t normally do. After these moments, magnus will find ways to waste time such as adjust his own pieces needlessly multiple times. After one such occasions, Kovalev looks up at him to make sure he’s understanding which is essentially “thank for the gesture but I don’t need you to waste your time”. This has happened to magnus albeit as a child. Kasparov showed up slightly late to their match when magnus was 13. He showed no such “sportsmanship”. Victory is victory. Circumstances aside. Judging by what we’ve heard of magnus in terms of interviews, it stands to reason he might even be offended by the notion he’s owed time back through wasting by the opponent. For the sole reason look at how many comments discount the win bc of it. That’s exactly why.

  23. Castling is so goofy. The pieces essentially teleport, yet the game has this silly restriction that you can't castle if the transition spaces are in check.

  24. Chess evolved from a slow thinking sport to a fkn speedrun session^"

  25. this game was not fair for vladislav as magnus coming late was irritating him as he wanted a fair game. vladislav is obviously uncomfortable that he has a huge time advantage and instead on solely focusing on the game he tries to make a fair game at the same time dividing his attention. This ttile should be instead. carlsen has acted irresponsibly and this is completely rude towards the opponent. ı sincerly believe that vladislav had 0 interest in winning this game after all that late coming. I wish vladislav had not tried to create a "fair" ground for magnus as magnus coming late was an unfair behavior to make his opponent uncomfortable. ı wish vladislav had punished magnus by playing fast and creating tricky nasty complex positions to teach him a lesson that he should be more responsible and respectufl. Sorry but I am not impressed even the slightest by carlsen's victory. Complete garbage game because of carlsen.

  26. Me crushing my opponents with 250ms Ping😂

  27. Why is Magnus clock sometimes go up? Like from 33 to 35 seconds

  28. He is such an arrogant tw@t. Good player but not anywhere near the best.

  29. this mf read the 5 rings book and said: ok…lets try it.

  30. The dramatic music is completely unnecessary and annoying as hell. Thanks for ruining an otherwise cool video.

  31. Magnus looks like an pompa loompa from the side view

  32. People keep saying he should’ve taken the win are lame. Yes Magnus was late which can be seen as rude or accidental… regardless if he takes the easy win no one would respect. He had to play and win fairly for the win to have any merit.

  33. I didn't knew Stefan Salvatore played chess also

  34. Thats why you dont fuck around. If hes late hes late go in. That sportsmanship move musta felt dumb af after being stuck crammin.

  35. 2:25 was not sign of confidence, he just told Vladisev "do not delay anymore, I am ok I can play thank you" . Great sportsmanship from both !!

  36. i was so focussed on the clock i didnt even see who won

  37. Max props to Vladislav because wanted to be fair so if he would win Carsen no one could say it was because of the time, even so, he should have done this on his second move.

  38. you should scroll back up and crush the subscribe button in 30 seconds

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