When Chess Cheaters Get Caught

Chess cheaters have been an ongoing issue for a while, so in this video we’ll be showing moments where these chess cheaters get caught during the act.


Note: Richard Rapport in thumbnail is not a cheater, just needed a thumbnail that was over the board
(Sorry in advance)


  1. I’m unaware of how one cheats in chess, especially in person

  2. Magnus vs stockfish: stockfish gets beat by the champion

  3. There are a number of openings to beat slow computer cheaters or cheaters which take 3 to 4secs per move in games without increment. The difficulty is recognizing them as such and adapting like magnus did.

  4. It's kind of annoying how visible it is that you don't know almost anything about chess

  5. So, low elo playing super good equal cheater? When it could be alts or the person wants to climb through the ranks or play irl instead of online

  6. The video says what moves the cheaters made but isn't clear to a non-pro about how they were cheating. Still no idea.

  7. Wtf is wrong with you??! You are literally calling a well know person a cheater. Change it ffs

  8. Imagine really using Rapport just for clickbait. Casual chess channel.

  9. Magnus is such a good chess player defo the best end game player in the chess comunity. thanks for the amazing video classical =)

  10. when you stay in rules how does one cheat? i could see if he hacked to get extra moves or something but this is basicly playing within the rules of the game

  11. I don't use stockfish but I always take back a move to rethink. That way I can play really fast and win every time xD

  12. You really just called a respected, kind GM a cheater for a thumbnail?

  13. dislike this video for the thumbnail alone guys

  14. If you notice that comment proven not correct because he did just use a thumbnail that say's cheater

  15. I'm not giving you a single view for that thumbnail. That's not okay, even for clickbait. I don't want to see anyone being accused of cheating in chess without the evidence, even if it's for clickbait, none of us do. And the fact you have to use clickbait for your channel? C'mon dude, that really says something, and it's not good.


  17. The thumbnail is completely misleading. Richard Rapport isn't a cheater and wasn't even announced in the video.

  18. This is ridiculous that you are calling them cheater. A man can play way better than his rating. imagine Magnus Carlsen creates a new account of chess and plays very well as fuck against world's top most rated players, will you call him a cheater? You have to be shame on yourself before calling one "Cheater"

  19. how is the first match with magnus ng3??? its nf3

  20. imagine using cheat yet still losing LOL

  21. Why the hell do you have a picture of Richard Rapport in the thumbnail with an arrow calling him a cheater? Take that down immediately, this is disrespectful and completely inaccurate, he's not even listed in the video.

  22. Rapport a cheater? You vastarr

  23. thumbnail is clickbait, this video is not really interesting. There is only online chess cheating and no over the board. Additionally, all examples are really really old

  24. Fork the king and bishop with knight.
    How is that deadly. The black light squared bishop was protecting the square

  25. Nuance: Stockfish can 100% beat Magnus. An idiot copying stockfish moves and needing over 15 seconds per move to do so cannot, as he will (evidently) time out.

  26. Unsubscribed due to disrespect to Richard Rapport and i reported your channel too. Remove Rapport from thumbnail 👎

  27. 1:26 stooobid if he kills the pawn with the Bishop the rook kills then queen then checkmate

  28. Came here because of Rapport. I was shocked at how it could happen but it looks like it is dirty clickbait. Shame on you!

  29. Me when a a rega player beats me
    HeCkEr hEcKeR HECKER hecker

  30. Calling rapport a cheater? Wtf?

  31. Everything online is prone to cheating unfortunately

  32. Stock fish is now happy that the blame is all on rapport, and not stock fish himself. 😂

  33. Why is rapport there????
    I'm 100% unsubscribing and disliking. I urge others to do the same. That's disgusting.

  34. Sometimes elo doesnt matter yknow. He could of just made their account?

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