When Anna Cramling Challenged Magnus Carlsen

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When Anna Cramling Challenged Magnus Carlsen



  1. wow.. these new AI youtube channels getting good.

  2. Love you Anna!! You're a breath of fresh air and good humor!!! Keep up your good work promoting the chess world!!!😇

  3. He did not win 125 games in a row. He went undefeated. Which means he either won or drew.

  4. I have had a passing familiarity with chess from a young age, it's never been a pursuit of mine, I find it too complicated and cannot drive myself to dedicate the kind of time it would take for me to become competent at it, as such many game commentaries are filled with terminology that goes way over my head. Yours do not. Clear, concise and entertaining, I can absolutely see myself enjoying your breakdowns for quite a while yet.

  5. its like fox news reporting live from bloody cagefight battlechess.

  6. It is alway funny to see people not pronuciating right spanish language names

  7. I have absolutely no clue how to play chess. But this is amazing, could watch for hours.

  8. Plot twist: the narrator is the best chess player

  9. Jeeezus , its like watching some extreme sports tournament with those commentators . Good job i would say ! i have no clue whats going on but it feels very intensive!

  10. the funniest thing is, if he lose, carlsen accuse his opponent cheating. even if he fight woman and children. he believes anyone who beat him must be using artificial intelligence.

  11. Annoying zoom effect on board all the time, can't watch it due to that sorry.

  12. I liked how Magnus started indifferent but became much more invested and amiable when he realized his opponent had game.

  13. she wore an extra lower cut top that day when she fights magnus…. a Chest player move, she knows what shes doing

  14. i wouldnt look at the chess table

  15. Let her mum play him. And then we'll see what this arrogant shmuck has to say.😊

  16. Why did Anna challenge Magnus? To get nine million views on her YouTube channel. That’s at least $20,000 in ad revenue.

  17. What a sweet person Anna is! " Do you want to say hi now that you've won." Wife material there! 🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸

  18. Thank you for the great commentary .please keep working as you do making it accessible and enjoyable.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌈

  19. there are a few moves missing that are interesting and those are when the queens were taken.

  20. Magnus is not the Best of all time

  21. I have never played a game of chess in my 24 years, and yet I found this more fascinating than any sports game I've ever watched. Ngl, I'm not sure how to feel about that

  22. felt like been watching some criminal documentary.

  23. She sucks. She has no idea how to play a descent player. She had an openinig that a 10-year-old could have exposed….yet; she did not.

  24. I love the commentary, it's enjoyeable and i FINALY understand a bit more of what happen compared to a lot of videos where i just see people moving stuff around with no clue of what they're doing (i'm not a chess player). Ty !

  25. Love the commentator and script.. very well done!

  26. "When Anna Cramling Challenged Magnus Carlsen"….. he won….

  27. Not sure this is a chess game or crime movie

  28. Sounds like a national geographic comentary, “the lion cub is all alone and defensless, he may soon starve to death!”

  29. Amazing commentary. As a bit of noob, I like watching the top players but often have no clue who's winning. Thank you!

  30. This commentary was a little over dramatic to my liking

  31. Jeez I hate video thumbnails with arrows as if creators try to pretend we are stupid

  32. Very well done commentary. Keeping the momentum of the game going and on top of that explaining every move.

  33. To be fair, she never even put her purse down!🤣

  34. It's one thing to spank hustlers in the park, but this is magnus Carlson 😮 I mean, it's like stepping into the ring with Mike Tyson.

  35. Despite her skill at chess I'd imagine she'd excel at anything. I bet she gets married and hangs up the gloves fading into real life. Where there is no chat by the way and would leave one unsatisfied after such a bountiful affair with other's attention.

    Twitch can make you but it will also sink you. Be wary.

  36. why couldn't you just let us watch? you have to talk and give your 2 cents that ruined everything.

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