When Anna Cramling Challenged Magnus Carlsen

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When Anna Cramling Challenged Magnus Carlsen



  1. These are well done. I appreciate the good commentary!

  2. I would rather see games with NO CLOCK. The players take the time to analyze a lot deeper.

  3. it is FIDE (Fee-deh not Fai-dee)
    u just disrupted our ecosystem

  4. was 3:14 really a compliment. i feel like it could mess with her ego. not that it has but getting that compliment from a world champion has to get in a person's head, right?

  5. Lol the commentary sounds like some true crime documentary on serial killers. So intense

  6. Terrible announcing sorry, this is for non chess players or very beginners.

  7. Magnus Carlsson, "greatest player of all time"???? Have you heard of Kasparov? Morphy? Fischer?.there are dozens in his league.

  8. Am i missing something here ,when he says tactics , i'm looking at the board, she puts her knight on E -2 its check and the rook has to take then she take his rook and its check . Stop video at 4:24

  9. Just a lazy good player, meeting late for games. Should be disqualified on the spot for that behavior if you ask me.
    He's just an obnoxious egocentric weirdo that got things too easy and make too much money from it.
    He can loose yet still make more money than any of us slaves working 6am to 5pm while ruining our lives. Sooo why care?
    Just weird behavior. But i guess that's just how rich people that have it too easy behave.

  10. It seemed like they enjoyed the game more than anything.😊

  11. she's 2200 elo and he's 3200 elo so i would be very surprised if he lost.

  12. Very weak… missed two very obvious counters

  13. Anna and Magnus can perfectly fine understand eachothers language 🇳🇴🇸🇪

  14. They should probably have a chess super-baby lol

  15. So you loose when you can't trashtalk your opponent….
    You should have named it:
    How it got Destroyed by Magnus when I can't trashtalk!

  16. Do you describe a sharks beatle here? 🧐🧐🤔😂😂😂

  17. Those two should have a child. As it is, both her parents are grandmasters.

  18. If all chess matches had a narration like this, i would totally watch 100%

  19. One thing in common that these super GMs have is a very strong memory. These guys can remember the positions and how they are to be tackled. So they basically know a lot of positions from start to finish. They are like computers with stored memories of games.

  20. If Magnus won 125 games in a row, his elo rating will be 4000 by now. He went 125 games undefeated. Meaning either he won or drew for 125 straight games before losing again.

  21. This was acturaly a realy good match she held her own the first half rearly well

  22. As other people have already said: This is a very good beginner-friendly commentary that makes it easy to understand the intentions of the chess greats. More of it.

  23. This guy explains even simple and obvious moves as if they are hypersonic rockets

  24. You've done it again. "Because this is a 3 minute blitz match, the stakes at extremely high". What are the stakes? What do they lose?

  25. You skipped so many moves at the end 😮

  26. Narrator saying Magnus "manages to find (bishop move)" is kind of amusing. Even in a casual game like this, Magnus was probably planning that 4-5 moves ahead. In tournament play with no time restraints, GMs can think 20-30 moves ahead.

  27. Bobby Fischer would of bested Magnus ☝️😎

  28. Bro I like it but i dont know if i am dumb but u make so many mistakes… like the first beaten pawn by ana, she could have beaten the pawn "for free" before she checked his knight. It would have been no difference. But u say it like just because of the check she can take the pawn for free but thats just bs.

  29. I like how they're comparing this to sport commentators and I am comparing this to YuGiOh.

  30. Notice her Bag and her Hair is over her Ears ?

  31. Anna is over rated, cocky and annoying. If she was a guy, she would be a nobody.

  32. Arguing with DEMS is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are, the bird is going to knock over the pieces, crap all over the board, then strut around thinking that he won

  33. Gross! Just a bunch of goofy, heavy handed narration.

  34. this video is missing the most crucial ending moves lol

  35. At 5:05 you jumped/faded over a couple more moves, why?? Even the voice-over indicated not to do this, it is moments before the end of the match and you skipped the lead-in once the bishop moved. 😑

  36. You commenting a chess game like someone is going to die in the end and the other one is going to jail.

  37. he started coaching her the moment he knew he had won. these people think 10 moves ahead. amazing.

  38. Are you sure magnus didn't mean Nd2 when he mentioned tactics? That move forks the king, rook, and bishop.

  39. what is wrong with kinght e2 you check and win a rook its at 4:38

  40. Magnus knew the ending after his first move.

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