When an 8 Year Old Prodigy Challenged Hikaru

Tani Adewumi has been a rising chess talent, a talented prodigy. When he was 8 years old he challenged professional chess player and streamer Hikaru. The result was shocking.

I am Ludwig


  1. "I am Ludwig.." was litterally the first thing i thought when i clicked on this channel, lmao

  2. is that a glacier eventually farts on the background?

  3. Thank you for another Amazing VIdeo Ludwig!!!!!!!

  4. Alright bro some child will soon challenge Magnus Carlson and beat him

  5. yet when i was 8 i was still playing "find the banana" with my uncle

  6. This guy is going to become the world chess champion some time.
    Defeating the 6th highest chess player is a feat that nearly nobody could accomplish other than world chess champions.
    but only at the age of 8? That is extremely impressive.

  7. First thing he needs to learn is to resign lmao

  8. Nahhh lil bro thinks he's slick 💀💀💀🪦

  9. 5 time US World Champion? what is that even mean?

  10. Why are you posting these bad videos brother ☪️

  11. The best start that I have ever seen! By the way, what a music on 1:25 ?

  12. why is the video called what its called but shows us his loss instead of one of his wins

  13. When i was 3 years old i can speak english and im a filipino

  14. 0:15 you know your opponent is gonna be tough when he has 3 ballon d'ors

  15. Mrs Lillian is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  16. is it just me that saw 3 ballan d'ors trophies

  17. Wow hikaru should try playing chess professionally

  18. 0:15 my guy has 3 ballon d'ors. and if you look closely messi's name is on it lmfao

  19. The way the first move always comes in with the signature Classical beatdrop gets me every time man 🙂 so good

  20. Tani just immediately went down after he blundered that rook on c1 then the bishop took it with material lost, safe to say though this is an interesting match with Tani going against Hikaru.

  21. When I was 8 yers old, I played sometimes chess with my big brother.

  22. If he's able to defeat someone like hikaru at 12 I can definitely see him becoming world champion

  23. And he SACRIFICED…….. THE QUE.. oh nvm

  24. This game is so similar to Fischer vs Reshevsky

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