When a World Champion Played Magnus Carlsen

This is the time World Champion Viswanathan Anand faced Magnus Carlsen in a chess match

May the best World Champion win!




  1. I have a question I got friend on Discord by someone named Royale was wondering if that's you guys

  2. It’s crazy how good he is but still loses to hikaru quite a lot even tho in this tournament he’s in 11th lol, his kryptonite

  3. Anand is a great player. It is remarkable that he was actually World Champion twice. He had the title from 2000-2002, lost it, then came back and won it again in 2007. Anand held it through 2013 before losing to Magnus in 2014. He became a GM in 1988, India's first, and has been among the world's best chess players for over 25 years. He was the fourth player to cross the 2800 mark and I think he is always a threat to win any event he enters.

  4. Best commentary unlike the usual ones where they talk about lots of hypothetical moves.

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  6. this channel came out of nowhere and puts out quality vids and the about page says "i am ludwig" hmmmm

    i think this is ludwig guys.

  7. another banger from our favourite Twitch Streamer!

  8. Kinda insane how everyone challenges Magnus Carlsen almost expecting to lose

  9. OK but the last clip is fake cause that ain't from 2019..

  10. Remember, friends sit at the chess board and play with yourself. It's amazing.

  11. i love this channel

    its got me into chess

  12. u cant win on time bro… isnt there increment

  13. Please do more of this! You're commentary is so entertaining!

  14. Great channel, as someone who is completely new to chess, the explanations really help out

  15. I love how Magnus just know when will his opponent resign and shake hands.

  16. Just love how he pronounces "Vishwanathan Anand"

  17. Very nice i have subs kribed after watching this video

  18. Magnus is the best chess player and a great comedian 😂

  19. Became a Jinius by eating a kookie from Busan says:

    bro the way it said Vishwanathan Anand got me rofl💀

  20. Bro i love ur commentary it makes everything 1000x better, don’t stop making these videos

  21. Finally, a commentary where it isn’t all about the ‘when playing this this could happen and this and that’ just show the game and thats it. Love it, simpel

  22. Someone should have edited this vid without including 10000 cuts.

  23. what is the name of orchestra playing in the background

  24. How does this man only have 17k subscribers? Get this man to at least 1 million he's so underrated. Love the commentary.

  25. Just say vishy if you can't pronounce it 😭😭

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