When a Teenager Defeated Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen has been the best chess player for a while now, but a talented prodigy Nodirbek Abdusattorov has been rising the ranks becoming one of Magnus’ serious adversaries..
This recounts when the Nobirdek faced the World Champion in the 2019 World Rapid Finals and showed exactly what he was made of

I am Ludwig..


  1. Of course it’s an Asian anime looking protagonist guy😂

  2. Magnus looked like he just woke up from sleep and won 3 world champions

  3. Half the time i dont even have the patience to watch a short or a marvel movies but your story telling made me intensly watch a chess game.

  4. This proves that Magnus is still a human being.

  5. Imagine if u have never seen Magnus Charles because I have (we both live in Norway)

  6. Awesome, This is the first time Magnus would have regreted wasting his first 20 seconds.

  7. Wow, reading your comments felt like being around smart ppl. Love it

  8. That kid is going places. But the entire time I felt like I was watching a murder documentary.

  9. I love when arrogant folks are forced to be humble.

  10. great to see Magnus being more humble in defeat now

  11. Why is this a BIG DEAL ?
    lagnus bothersome…

  12. I've watched quit a few games between the best players and it seems they like to swap pieces for no apparent reason so they can get to the end game asap. This kid was not playing like that and it threw him a curve.

  13. ofc he won, hes an asian kid with glasses

  14. I'm Norwegian and Magnus has been the boss for a while and he's gotten a bit less serious, coming late from ski ti he's he's matches n stuff, but should be nice with some new champions, Magnus will sure strike back but it's fun with some variation.

    ( I will definitely be that smart once I'm 17, I bet everyone agrees)

  15. I guess people really out here playing chess

  16. 4:32 if magnus takes the queen king cant take magnus queen cuz pawn is protecting ..

  17. Bro why do you make me want to play chess I suck at it

  18. What a despicable term ‘ god of games’ … God is like-less

    He’s god almighty, god of everything and we are his slaves and never should use take his terms.

    O Allah, be patient on us

  19. Against Magnus i'll die in 5 turns. Imagine with the teenager

  20. Uzbekistan is proud of you , Nodirbek. Uzbek sila

  21. am i the only one who sees a draw in this if Magnus didnt resing?
    i mean after the queen trade
    black pawn to b3
    white pawn promotes
    pawn to b2 blocking the check
    white king or queen to anywhere and black pawn promotes

  22. Moving white queen to d1 at 4:14 would have accomplished nothing other than an empty check.
    Its not a mistake

  23. 1:50
    Was it too much to just say fianchetto?
    You want to draw the layman into chess, throw a few terms in here and there

  24. Observation: 3s a charm…did not Magnus offer a Queen exchange twice?

  25. You've got his name the wrong way round – it's Nodirbek Abdusattorov. Calling it the way you do in a very American accent sounds very weird, like you're a fake of some kind. Why do you do that?

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