When a Master Played Drunk Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen is one of the greatest players of all time, but how good is he while he’s drunk?
In this video Magnus plays a Chess Master in a local bar in Norway, but who will come out victorious?



  1. Magnus will beat probably every master when he is drunk!

  2. Best players:
    1. Magnus with a Coffee
    2. Magnus with a energy drink
    3. Magnus
    4. Drunk Magnus
    5. Hikaru

  3. Dude you are so smart, identifying a lack of engaging chess videos and building a channel around it. Thank you, I can’t stand boring chess videos

  4. If on mobile, spam tap the left side of the video when you're at the beginning for MAG-MAG-MAG-MAG-MAG!!!!!

  5. Top 3 players in the world:
    1. Magnus Carlson
    2. Drunk Magnus
    3. Daddy Carlson

  6. can someone tell me what the song is in the background?

  7. Jackie Chan was the Drunken Master, Magnus is the Drunken Grandmaster.

  8. at this point every video with Magnus is his munching on food and dominating or being drunk as balls and dominating regardless

  9. the best opening in chess is the drunk magnus defense

  10. Imagine having chess friends and bussing out the board after 8 shots

  11. bro what ur taalking about its not magnus carlsen, in this rare clip we can see actual magnus carlsen becoming "Magnus Carlsenberg"

  12. Latest Chess rules:
    1.dont mess with drunk magnus
    2.dont mess with water bottle opening Magnus
    3.don’t mess with late Magnus 😂

  13. Item: Beer
    Intelligence -2
    + dizzy
    + calm
    +++ freak out opponent

  14. Bruh I'm surprised why didn't he play "THE FRIED ATTACK"💀💀

  15. The 3 goats of chess :
    1. Magnus Carlsen
    2. PC Magnus Carlsen
    3. Drunk Magnus Carlsen

  16. I appreciate your commentating but you obviously have no idea about chess

  17. When you dont know shit about chess and still watch the whole video

  18. its so freaking scary to see, how easily magnus can win with IM, even when he is drunk, i love this man with all my heart

  19. Classical said that magnus is the best endgame chess player but this is untrue in my opinion because the top 3 best endgame chess players are 1 Cabablanca 2 Bobby Fischer 3 Kasparov but don’t get me wrong here Magnus Carlsen is a great endgame chess player but I just thing that these Chess players are better when it comes to endgames

  20. 4:17 I'm confused… why can the rook infinitely check the king, why can the king not just run to g6 where he is safe from any checks?

  21. Best football players:
    2.Injured Messi

    Best chess players:
    2.Drunk Magnus

  22. This guy doesn't just play Chess well but his name sounds like a Dark Souls boss too

  23. Bro magnus is so smart he can win happens

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