When A Chess Streamer Challenged Garry Kasparov

When A Chess Streamer Challenged Garry Kasparov



  1. What if Ray is the same guy as bucket head?

  2. No matter the outcome that was a fucking hell of a game

  3. The guy is average player, without the mask no one would watch him

  4. Well they don’t call them masters for nothing. I bet the feeling of playing against Kasparov what such an honor for him. So cool they got to do this

  5. I don’t know a thing about chess why am I here I’m lost In life

  6. Gary was playing great defense the whole game

  7. Your narration is spectacular… I don't speak English very well and I understand practically everything! Congratulations!

  8. I don't know chess, never have played it but man it was entertaining. Throughout the video I was like a chimp watching star wars

  9. Damn this is some good content. Rey didnt have a chance against Kasparov but the part I'm most amazed by is him drawing with Karpov

  10. It would be a nice plot twist if enigma was magnus carlsen 💀💀💀

  11. Imagine Rey enigma, Gary Kasparov and Magnus vs Stockfish

  12. Ray would have probably won with more time would have found the pawn capture. Impressive.

  13. He may have been good but he did NOT have a chance against Garry

  14. Its not "Ray". Its "REY" wich means King in Spanish

  15. in spanish its Rey enigma meaning that in english its king enigma

  16. Did Rey plan to reveal his true identity if he won or would he still have remained anonymous?


  18. it's GAY enigma, not ray enigma, in spanish gay means gay

  19. Isn't it Rey Enigma (rey means king in spanish, he's spaniard)

  20. Rey’s good but even he isn’t a match for Gary Chess, the inventor of chess.

  21. That's not Magnus. Kasparov isn't even on his prime. That was an easy win for Kasparov.

  22. Final boss😂😂😂😂 there are so many players who will obliterated him

  23. Glad to see kasprov still is goated even at an old age

  24. Its Gary Kasparov himself. Can't beat that .

  25. what chess board is this? thinking of getting a board similar to that one

  26. that costumes seems perfect for hiding comunication devices

  27. i kinda think enigma is levy rozman

  28. His true identity is actually Frank from the future

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