When a Beginner Defeated Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen is one of the greatest chess players of all time making his defeat VERY unlikely, however in a late night bar in Oslo, Norway, Magnus suffered a defeat to an Amateur player who managed to defeat the World Champion…


(I am definitely not Ludwig)


  1. Even the best in the world make mistakes, that's why they are the best

  2. Why did he resign after making a mistake instead of continuing the fight, he still have plenty of pieces left

  3. finally evidence that magnus carlsen is human not a robot

  4. He just followed the classic chess rules when you knock off an opponent's piece by mistake, you have to take it in your next move.

  5. This guy can say, that he defeated Magnus Carlsen. He has evidence too, imagine how big of a flex that is.

  6. "he was given thirty seconds on his clock" oh gee i wonder why he lost

  7. Sure that guy "A" will be telling that story for the rest of his entire life, I know I would be. 😂

  8. If GothamChess says we are better than him (Gotham) because he's 0 to 1 against Magnus and we're still undefeated by him (his words on today's video 22/02/2023), imagine the respect Gotham has for this man.

  9. Gives magnus 30 sec lmao…in 30 sec I would of think of 1 move….

  10. To shed some light on Carlsen's perspective, he was probably feeling a lot of pressure, while the other guy had nothing to lose. He only had 30 secs so he had to beat him FAST. Since he made even 1 mistake, it would be near impossible for him to catch up and beat him before the clock runs out.

  11. After 5000 games he has to at least mes up 1

  12. He didn’t beat him he got lucky. Tell him to do it again same 3 minutes to his 30 seconds lol

  13. This guy is NOT a BEGINNER! WTF? How can you call someone a beginner who plays at that level? Clickbait much?!

  14. that guy was definetly better than a beginner hes more of an intermediate

  15. He only had 30 seconds he was panicking about time

  16. It didn’t seem like he was unhappy though if anything a little embarrassed maybe

  17. Amateur and beginner are not the same thing. That guy was clearly not a beginner.

  18. He had only 30 seconds. Cut him some slack man

  19. Doesn't look like a beginner to me. More like a gifted amateur.

  20. Bruh, I was playing Uno and i draw 12 cards, BUT in a miracle, my 19 cards were very good cards, therefor im good at Uno.

  21. 4:14 he could have just killed the knight with his light squared bishop

  22. I was like How the hell did Magnus lose against an amateur?

    And then I saw that this dude was definitely not a beginner, he definitely knew what he was doing. And also when I saw that Magnus only had 30 seconds, I was like "Oh, that makes sense."

  23. Sometimes overconfidence is very dangerous.never ever underestimate anyone

  24. I bet this guy couldn't even beat Doofus on Chess Engine & AI from the Unity asset store…

  25. We all know that was just a blunder manus made he’s still the forever long best

  26. He is kid infront of him. The reason behind this scene is that: Never ever in every moment the king also have to sacrifice for a bit.

  27. No, he s no longer world champion. Ding is.

  28. That guy putting his finger up telling Magnus he better move the piece he picked up is what did it lmao

  29. Thats not A…thats the janitor from queens gambit !

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