When a Beginner Challenged Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen is one of the greatest chess players of all time, and should not be crossed

But Max decided to try and beat him in a chess challenge, and created one of the most entertaining chess videos of all time

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  1. Bruh the Guy should Master pronouncing His name

  2. This was like watching a 5 year old spoiled brat challenging Tyson in his prime in a boxing match thinking he had decent chances because mommy told him he was special.

  3. can't wait for his AI to finish copmuting every possible chess move of which there are more of than atoms in the observable universe – im sure itll finish soon

  4. Im confused as to how he even got to see the light of day with Magnus. Was he paid like 200 grand or something? This is almost kind of insulting to the game of chess.

  5. This guy really just made a top tier professional get all dressed up just to get dunked on. I cant even think of anything comparable to this. Its like some guy putting on some old tennis shoes and asking Usain Bolt to race him 100 meters with his spikes on. Or some kid who played COD calling out a Delta Force op to go paint balling. Insanity.

  6. By the way, there or more moves in chess (including illigle moves) than there are atoms in the universe.

  7. This guy has my vote for most punchable face

  8. Max is not the first to have this downright autistic idea XD

  9. is he really generating a tablebase of ALL chess positions?

  10. The difference between armatures vs. amateur and pro versus pro is that an amateur will win by the other person messing up a pro well trap the other person so they have to mess up.

  11. HAHHAHAHAHA imagine if magnus let him win it will be the prank of the century.

  12. For those of you who were confused about the joke at 3:44, it was a reference to Chess grandmaster Hans Mok Niemann, who cheated over 100 times in online AND real-life chess through anal beads that would vibrate through morse code to tell him what moves to make.

    Yeah… just don't ask me why I know this.

  13. everyone can be an extremely fast learner, max just has energy and time to do it

  14. The amount of people thinking that this video is serious is making me seriously doubt humanity's future.

  15. Magnus: OMAE WA MO SHIN DEIRU!?

  16. Out of any game chess is by far the worst for a complete beginner to try and compete with the best 😂😂😂 the weakest titled players would beat Max 100% of the time. Let alone Magnus Carlsen I doubt he could even beat the other content creator they mentioned in the video

  17. This is a literal shit in name of experiment they were fully paid is only thing that makes sense

  18. for the thumbnail i thought the challenger was Jim Carrey

  19. Did you just circle Hikaru when you said 2600?

  20. -The most incredible chess player in the word
    +I that saw the video of how to make check in 8

  21. Him saying he was keeping Magnus nervous for at least 8 moves had me rolling

  22. No one's gonna talk about the pullups he did???? 40 pullups?? really??

  23. I like that this dude has no idea how steep a mountain he set out to climb. Your average person could probably spend thousands of hours studying chess and would still have no chance of beating Magnus, and he wanted to do it in a month. There is no way as of this moment to achieve mastery in chess so quickly. Absurd.

  24. This guy really needed this ego check bad. His parents hyped him up too much of his life. Telling him what a “good boy” he was. Love this.

  25. Maxs story literally sounds like the story of an average Asian kid in his childhood

  26. “Destroying all the chances of winning that he never even had.” Lmao

  27. naw that rating on xqc has to be fucking massively pumped up by the fact he only plays against people he knows or his subs or something.
    That guy is literally borderline vegetative.

    He literally hasn't had a single complete thought go through his mind since the second grade, maybe even the womb.

    He is also hopelessly addicted to amphetamines.

  28. He would’ve won with chat gtp because itd start turning magnus’s pieces into queens for him

  29. The magnus meat riders are crazy, this is obviously a light hearted match with a person who knew for a fact he wouldnt win and played anyway. When he said he kept him nervous for 8 moves he was so clearly joking.

  30. "destroying all the chances of winning that he never had, then Magnus proceeded to mercy less crush max"

    Narrator took that personal.

  31. Faceless Artwork by Matthias Schmidt says:

    Zer is not a single fing zet can challenge a görman mind

    „Hi I’m Mäx deutsch and I live in San Francisco“

    Germanbrain.exe has stopped

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