When a 3 Year Old Prodigy Faced a World Champion

What happens when a 3 year old plays a world champ, find out in this action packed chess match between Anatoly Karpov and Misha Osipov


not ludwig 😉


  1. little kid is gonna be better then magnus when he`s 6 lol

  2. Russian chess games be like:
    Step 1: Learn the basics of chess
    Step 2: Defeat God

  3. he probably has more talent in one finger than i have in my whole body

  4. Mera beta toh 3 saal mein bol b nahi pata tha😂

  5. i didnt even know how to write at 3 years old 💀

  6. Am I the only one who saw an edit of this video where Anatoly enters and Misha just starts crying

  7. Classical is the most underrated youtuber, really hope he blows up!

  8. Bro straight up playing chess at 1 years old lol😅

  9. He was watching GothamChess in his mothers stomach

  10. I have only one question why did they bring the final boss for a new players

  11. you know you always post the best content .Thanks for such a great hardwork

  12. unleashing the power of chess, one move at a time.

  13. great video, always nice to see a channel with <100k subs not asking me to like and subscribe every 5 seconds

  14. In 1:53 there's 2 mistakes
    1. he said king not queen
    2.when the queen takes the pawn and attacks the king and rook simultaneously aka as a fork the queen would've just killed the black Queen cuz its protecting the rook

  15. Wow, this child will become a grandmaster at such a young age.

  16. Imagine the grandmaster bribing the little kid with candy 💀

  17. When you trash talk but still win…. 🤣🤣🤣

  18. I disassembled a toy at that age. That was my best🗿

  19. This kid is a potential World Champion too in the future. 😊

  20. I didn't even know what happened at 3 years old 💀💀

  21. I don't know why people even believe in these scripted things…
    I have seen some of these
    Once a week is gone
    They are no where to be seen again

  22. comes in
    trashtalks a kid
    offers a draw
    defeats the kid
    shake hands with him
    makes him cry
    refuses to elaborate

  23. I did not even know and at 3 years old man bpmust have been playing in heaven until he was born💀

  24. This boy is all of our grandpa's tales turned true.


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  26. Bruh the draw offer was just to be nice to a kid, karpov obviously knew it was winning all the way.

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