What is Hikaru’s Favorite Format: Classical, Rapid or Blitz?

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  1. I myself think Rapid is kind of a perfect middle-of-the-road time control; there's not an insane amount of pressure to be fast like in Blitz, nor does it feel excessively drawn out like in Classical.

  2. Hikaru: I think rapid is a true test of your overall skill ability

    Dubov: I hate rapid

  3. He literally doesnt care. Chess speaks for itself.

  4. Yeah, crushing 2500 down a queen in blitz will make it best.

  5. Rapid is more skill than classical๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Hikaru just can't play real chess

  6. 15 min+10s is the best format for Chess. Enough time to have good quality chess, enough increment to prevent dirty flagging, but still short enough to enjoy.

  7. Magnus at lex friedman said the same – rapid is more reflective of your chess abilityโ€™s

  8. I like that Nemo sounds like she has just learned how to read

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