Wesley So wins the London Chess Classic

USA (former Philippine) grandmaster Wesley So won the London Chess Classic as well as the 2016 Grand Chess Tour, propelling himself to world number 4 on the rating list.
You can watch the other Grand Chess Tour events on this channel (Paris – video number 41-44, Leuven – 45-48, St Louis 63-68)


  1. Thanks for these great games in your channel. I am from Brazil and I love CHESS much more than football, of course!

  2. I hope he'll be given a chance to participate in the world championship soon.

  3. Thank you Chess to Impress! You make GM chess look so easy!!

  4. I thought Wesley So is a Filipino and Nakamura a well known Japanese both Asian !? or are they just representing USA?

  5. wesely so is next world champion I bet..

  6. "The Americans dominated the tour"
    Yes and no
    Nakamura is Japanese, So is Filipino, and Carauana is Italian haha

  7. What software are you using to display your games and analysis?

  8. Being a world chess champion is still a long shot for Wesley So.

  9. Lichess.org is the best chess site,has everything and full free! Wesley So play on lichess.

  10. hope someday he's going to challenge carlsen

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