Water Bottle Gambit by Magnus Carlsen #shorts

How to Confuse your Opponent 😂

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. c4 is a brilliant move. The best move for black was to resign in such position.

  2. He's playing with your mind 😅
    Tired you.. only thing can get you is not just calm,but play like a game while calmly net next moves 😏😂
    23.01.2023 07:25 pm ist

  3. а как же "взялся – ходи")

  4. Is he not supposed to move with the first piece he touches ?

  5. Shake hands, start time, drink water, adjust peices, tie shoe laces, loosen tie, brush shoulders, crack knuckles, adjust peices again, move.

  6. I've seen this before, Magnus is particular of how his pieces are placed on the squares at times. Best guess is that it's for mental notes or something.

  7. Magnus: I was late, that was very disrespectful and a disgraceful display on my part, my sincerest apologies, I will self-penalize due to the impoliteness of my performance, please forgive me and do not heap dishonor upon me or my cow

  8. After Magnus opening you have 20 different possible moves.

  9. I'd just look at him for 20 seconds and make my move after that.

  10. The short was a minute. The actual time…22 seconds

  11. hes playing mind games that dudes not thinking about the game now

  12. "Time? What time? I. AM. THE. TIME" – Magnus

  13. So disrespectful. If he showed up late to a match, I don't believe I would shake his hand. I'm not sure which stretches further, his ego or chin?

  14. His Knights aren't facing forward.
    That's why he's the champ.

  15. call someone trash at chess without telling them their trash at chess

  16. 15 minutes is WAAAYYY too much time for Magnus

  17. Уничтожил до первого хода

  18. Aye if magnus wants to give me a free win I'm down

  19. And in this position, Magnus sacrificed T H E T I M E ! ! !

  20. My boy is just doing side quests at this point 💀

  21. damn. the psychological effects of that even reached me.

  22. Actually, its the best gambit so far. Here's why:
    Your opponent gets bored and they resign.

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