Water Bottle Gambit by Magnus Carlsen #shorts

How to Confuse your Opponent 😂

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. His Knights aren't facing forward.
    That's why he's the champ.

  2. call someone trash at chess without telling them their trash at chess

  3. 15 minutes is WAAAYYY too much time for Magnus

  4. Уничтожил до первого хода

  5. Aye if magnus wants to give me a free win I'm down

  6. And in this position, Magnus sacrificed T H E T I M E ! ! !

  7. My boy is just doing side quests at this point 💀

  8. damn. the psychological effects of that even reached me.

  9. Actually, its the best gambit so far. Here's why:
    Your opponent gets bored and they resign.

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