Vishy Anand vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave : Notable game; London Chess Classic (2015)

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By Stefan64 (Own work (own photo)) [GFDL () or CC BY-SA 3.0 ()], via Wikimedia Commons
Maxime Vachier Lagrave
By Euku (Own work) [GFDL () or CC BY-SA 3.0 ()], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. im that kind of fan that watches the vid the first min its out

  2. I wouldn't say this game notable. Obviously it belongs to category: brilliant. Congrats to MVL and thanks to kc for good analysis as usual.

  3. London sure does produce some chess classics. Been loving the coverage of these games!

  4. This game was quite informative with regards to in-between moves and the subtleties which classical chess has to offer which blitz and at times rapid chess doesn't allow. I can practically understand why many wish to shorten the games to bring in more main-stream people into the chess world however such games as this particular one may never have transpired if we continue to try and speed up chess to further appeal the masses. Classical chess with long time controls still has its purpose as shared with this posting. Thank you KC for another great video.

  5. I really thought Vishy would have win this game.

  6. you make awesome videos. thanks ive learned a ton

  7. some fast the analysis but very good game

  8. On 8:34 h5 is covered bu the bishop on e2,queen on h5 is not good !

  9. Kingcrusher, i love to see your videos and how you explain it with the arrows and calmy comentating. Keep up the good work I learn a lot to get a good insight of the chess game..thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Just brillant…This game can easily be called 'MVL's Immortal' and imo it will take its place in chess history.

  11. This game is not a notable game. I think it is a brilliant masterpiece!! My heart was racing through out the game. This is real Chess!! I feel Aachier-Lagrave is Paul Morphy, reborn!! Also, The commentary was as brilliant and instructive!! I cannot forget this game for a long time!! WOW !!

  12. WOW! I think this is the best game I have seen this year! This is what separates the GMs from us tiny mortals…

  13. just an incredible game….!! absolutely brilliant with all d tactics flying with each and every move…love these classic time control games where we get to see high quality chess…love ur vidz KC ! keep up the good work..

  14. Best Game I have seen in at least 5 years.

  15. This is really cool
    please keep up this series

  16. Saw both RxF2 and then the follow up Bg3! Amazing game

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