TOP 8 BEST Chess Openings

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0:00 Intro and White Openings
13:45 Black Openings

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  1. Ah yes those people watch them and now these strategy gonna be useless

  2. The Desprez Opening I only play The Desprez Opening and haven’t lost a game yet it’s clearly the best opening

  3. Lion heart gambet….why doesnt the queen take the knight instead of moving back to its position?

  4. I'm asking a serious question. Whenever I try this out with other players, they never make the moves that Levy goes over. It's always some randomness. What advice on preparing for this is there? And how can I practice these openings against players who aren't playing the correct responses? I'm not good btw.

  5. Are the any guides for using b4 against the scandinavian that anyone knows of?

  6. At 6:08 why cant you just move the king to f6?

  7. Anyone else just run double fianchetto on black?

  8. If you'd rely on guides and tutorials to learn chess or kill some time by learning a bit more (like me)

    I made a playlist containing videos about chess that will teach you rules, terms, methods, and more

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  9. hi levy or anyone reading this
    the london counter levy recommended at 25:00 can easily be crushed with this move order after bishop pins knight
    h3 (instead of bishop e2) bxf3 Qxf3 e5 dxe5 fxe5 bxe5 Nxe5 Qf5+
    if g6 (most common) then Qxe5 and u win THE ROOK!!!!

  10. This is not a win quick video yet the thumbnail says win fast. While your videos have been great. Personally I feel endgame theory matters more as long as basic openi ng principles are understood

  11. 2:30 „This is not a win-quick video.“ Then it probably is a clickbait-thumbnail video.😉😂 Besides this inaccuracy thanks for the great content and introducing more people to the world of chess!😊 Keep on rooking🤙♟

  12. ayo levy, you help me with chess. I give you a free nutritional&workout plan

  13. does someone know how u can put black in check at 6:10 to get his queen if he moves his king to f6?

  14. Improved Timestamps:

    = White Openings (recommends 1. e4) =

    0:45 – Against e5 (Nc3, the Vienna)
    1:12 – (if Nf6, then f4) The Vienna Gambit

    4:03 – Against the Scandinavian (Nc3)
    4:42 – (if Qa5, then b4) The Leonhardt Gambit

    7:34 – Against the Caro-Kann Defence (d4, Advance Caro-Kann)
    7:49 – (if Bf5, then h4) The Tal Variation

    10:37 – Against the Sicilian (a3, the Mengarini Variation)
    11:34 – (if Nc6, then b4) Gambit.

    = Black Openings =

    13:44Against e4
    *– 13:53 – The Caro-Kann Defence

    *– 16:23If you want to play e4, e5
    —– 16:39 – Against the Vienna
    —– 17:23 – Against the Spanish (Play f5, the Schliemann Defense; Jaenisch Gambit)*
    —– 17:54 – Against the Italian
    —– 18:14 – Against the Fried Liver Attack (Play d5)

    21:03Against d4
    21:08The Dutch Defense

    23:47Against the London
    —- Anti-London

  15. Black bishop b4 always gets taken might be meant to prevent castling

  16. I played that first one and the first game and got smoked. He brought his queen out

  17. Bro chess is so hard for me I have no idea what I’m doing at all can’t even beat 250 Martin if I play him 10 times I maybe win 3. I have no idea what’s going on no idea what to do after getting 2 pawns and 2 knights to the center, move the bishop out, castle king then I’m stuck

  18. play against 1000 elo and explain they re error. very useful video. continue like that!!!!!

  19. 6:23 this not gonna happend he's gonna take ur horse and end the play

  20. If only bots would let you play these openings

  21. I don't like my two knights and bishops undeveloped in the beginning of a Chess game

  22. This video helped me a lot… just went on a run

  23. I’ve always loved Nf3, either transposing into some kind of Nimzo-Larsen or a King’s Indian. The Réti opening’s also amazing, and for a first move, Nf3 is pretty much always an amazing bet.

  24. Hey lvy, so i studied every gambit and defense in this video + every line, so my question is do i need to see more lines and veriations? For the caro-kann maybe? Or i will be good with the lines u gave?

  25. 75percent? Wow didn’t think I lost that much!

  26. anyone that takes the pawn with the queen instead of going knight f6 in scandanavian deserves to lose smh my head

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