Top 5 Checkmates & Game Finishes | GRENKE Chess

Enjoy the best checkmates and chess game finishes by Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand, Fabiano Caruana, Vincent Keymer and a lot more!

0:21 Vincent Keymer vs Dennis Wagner
02:08 Fabiano Caruana vs Evgeny Postny
04:34 Vincent Keymer vs Georg Meier
06:42 Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand
09:24 Peter Svidler vs Magnus Carlsen

The top 5 game finishes and checkmates of the last years of GRENKE Chess are arranged in this video compilation. From the legendary world champion battle between Carlsen and Anand to the Checkmate with a smile finish between Peter Svidler and the world chess champion. In addition the video includes the beautiful win of the German grandmaster Vincent Keymer at the GRENKE Chess Classic.



  1. Svidler could have moved his bishop to d5 before the check mate

  2. I guess first one was more of a resignation as he was going to lose knight and nobody could stop the the pawn from promoting

  3. On first the situation could have escaped

  4. Wait how did the first match end, they could still play

  5. Game number 4 was amazing. He used his Knight to put him in checkmate. My queen and my Knight's are my favorite peices. I been playing chess since I was 8 years old I love the game.

  6. The Checkmates with the knight is just great !

  7. Sportsmanship of anad and carlsen is really appreciable

  8. can anyone tell me how 5'th one at 2 min are checkmate

  9. Can someone please explain to me why Carlsen resigned at 8:40? I was thinking take the queen all the way around and take it to A8 and play from there.

  10. In 2:02 could someone please explain why the king was not moved between the two pawns?

  11. I’m so sorry but how did the first game ended in a mate? I’m so sorry I’m just a beginner hope someone could tell me the ans🙏

  12. No one is beating their chest like an ape.
    Just a quiet 'well done.'

  13. can someone please explain why the game ended in the time 02:02? i don't understand why the left opponent won.

  14. I'm a chess noob, can't black take the queen with the pawn? At 6:30
    Edit: and what happened at 8:35?

  15. Am I the only one that can't see the checkmate in the first one

  16. What they write when the move is done

  17. Am i the only one who don't understand this game? 😅😂.

  18. Can anyone tell me y did Magnus carlsen resign

  19. Non chess person like me it's too fast to understand finally who won….lol they shake hand and getup

  20. Was first clip a resign? It wasn't a checkmate was it?

  21. i’d never thought i’d be so into chess. but i’ve been watching/playing so much these past few days

  22. Did the first guy just quit or what? That wasn't checkmate…

  23. how is the first one checkmate? someone please explain i’m so confused

  24. im new to chess… i do not undertstand how come the first clip a checkmate while the king of the black side can still go king g7

  25. 2nd and 3rd game was draw not checkmate😅

  26. Is it just me or the 2nd game could've checkmated earlier if he move white's queen to the left?

  27. My iq is low and i dont understand what happened with keymer?

  28. It's very simple game I can win it if there is a prince or princes in the chess I would kidnap him or her and say the opponent to surrender just like Indian masala movies I don't know now days people are playing chess like heros try to play like a Indian masala movie villain

  29. At 3:25 could the white queen move one square left and him be in checkmate?

  30. I'm a beginner. Can someone explain to me please 6:28 and why is it a checkmate??

  31. Wtf happened with the 3rd game. How was that the end

  32. the very first one I am confused. It was not a checkmate nor stalemate I don't believe… so why do they shake hands? can someone explain im new to chess.

  33. Svidler knew that position was lost long before the mate. He just likes to make Carlsen play it out.

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