Time Management In Chess

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A chess lesson for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players on time management. Showing multiple examples of speedy and slow play.

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  1. Gothamchess: 16:29 "you gotta play 15+10"
    Me who plays 15+10 and still gets in time trouble: 👁👄👁

  2. i play too fast 🙁
    thats why i play only 5 or 3 minute games
    when i go on 10 minutes im like unstoppable 😀

  3. I remember that time I forgot to tap on the clock. So I have made my move but my clock was still running. My opponent just sat there not making any move, not until I realized my mistake. That bastard moved right away I pushed the button.

  4. I once got an errand from my mother while playing blitz chess. I had 2 minutes and my opponent had 3. I came back with 30+ seconds only and I literally played like flash. I won with exactly 1 second left on my clock by checkmate. That was one of the most intense chess games I've played.

  5. Levy trynna hold back on roasting the players for wasting time is hilarious

  6. When it comes to this move 27:24 Levy thinks black spent 27s thinking about that move, instead what happend is that black had no idea what to play and spent 27s considering bunch of moves and in the end played a dumb move that they thought would do no damage.

  7. 20:43 "47 seconds on Nd4 is a travesty"
    I mean come on it's not that bad to spend a minute or two on a move when you still have 7 minutes even when you're winnning. You could be willing to calculate other interesting lines and making sure everything is in order.
    Also, sometimes it is soooo worth it to spend a lot of time in crucial moments like in the middle game. Usually, I face opponents who play too fast and unprecisely in say a 10 min rapid game, I'll just take my time to think. It doesn't matter if I have only 3 min against 8, because my position is then a lot easier. It's not that bad, don't rush it.

  8. Thanks a lot Levy. I used to spend a lot of time on moves but now I force myself to play queen takes pawn and see what happens

  9. My time management: I start a 15/10 chess game when my assignment is gonna due in 60 minutes then I resign because I need to get back to work.

  10. Is there a time limit max you recommend beginners shouldn’t go over? For example, is 30 minutes just too long? On one hand longer times give you more time to see the board and maybe play a move you might not have seen otherwise, but on other hand it sort of trains you to be slow. I guess the the tricky part is how to practice with speed but not so fast that you aren’t learning from your missed tactics.

  11. I know I am very late to this video, but what time set do you recommend beginners learn on? I am only just starting out again but played when I was younger.

  12. Thankyou this video was helpful I always play too slow during my games.

  13. 0% of my wins was on time out. 30% of my loses I ran out of time. Some of them was hopeless, but I lost some won games on time.

  14. So in summary, move more quickly and move more slowly 🙄

  15. I had a tournament where I won 2 games and lost one game because of time control. For that reason, I lost!

  16. Am I the only one who thought that last game was hilarious?

  17. My time management: I play too quick in the opening and I destroy every opponent piece and then I lose while figuring out a check mate plan.

  18. Speaking of time, one thing I love about chess is that most videos even if old are still very helpful

  19. “Just go, trust me”
    Me : loses in ten 😐

  20. Hello Batman! Do you recommend to avoid 3 minutes blitz games when you are not an experienced player or 3 minutes is OK because any experience is a credit to climb the ladder? So far in "my career", I have mostly played only games to have the time to think. Regards!

  21. I just hate playing on time. 10 minutes feel so fast

  22. in the case of 20 seconds on moving the king in some cases it takes longer then 5 seconds to realize the last move was a check. some people process information slower is there a way to process information faster so obvious details take less time to notice?

  23. Very good video, but for bullet games knowing your openings by heart gives you gigantic advantage at beginner levels. If I can premove my first 5-7 moves barely losing any time I'm already better both in terms of position and time. Side note: bullet with bonus time is for pussies.

  24. 20:36 – how in the fuck did this guy move his king into check? Glitch? What happened there?

  25. They had 1 second on the clock and got mate. So epic lol you know that's a highlight story for them

  26. Just came from a 10 minute rapid where a straight up blundered away a bishop and pawn but won because my opponent ran out of time. I just went into turtle mode and kept moving quickly to bleed his time away.

  27. If this was a tv sports sponsored type of game there would be all sorts of stats available to show how on average time taken changes per move into the game and which pieces absorb the most time or pattern by specific players etc etc. It could built up a profile useful for planning time use.

  28. Fact: this is the least viewed GothamChess video of all times.

  29. In a 10 minute game im like 5 minutes behind. Serious problem for me

  30. ♜♞♝♚♛♝♞♜


  31. 13:18 you lost. Which why you watching my video..👀💀 Damn that levy

  32. 13:16 "It doesn't matter whether or not you were winning, YOU LOST, because you didn't manage your time effectively…" This is the takeaway of this video. The clock is another very important aspect of chess, because even if you were about to play mate in 1, you still lost because of TIME.

  33. This video is kind of dogshit for educational purposes. "you're not managing your time well? Just play faster bro" that's just trash advice. It's true but that's not what people are looking for. HOW do you do it is important. How do you train it when you're low elo or a beginner. First start slow with for example dailies and slowly amp it up as you get more comfortable with the game and certain patterns. As you build confidence you'll learn to play faster

  34. I accidentally scheduled this video to launch tomorrow… sorry for the 1 hour delay. Ironically it’s a video about time management 😂

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