This Is Why Magnus Hates Classical!

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Photos by Lennart Ootes

Firouzja, Alireza (2777) – Carlsen, Magnus (2835)
Julius Baer Generation Cup Div 1 Winners ( [12] 2023.09.01
B48 Sicilian, Taimanov variation

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 5.Nc3 Qc7 6.Be3 a6 7.Qf3 Nf6 8.O-O-O Ne5 9.Qg3 h5 10.Ndb5 axb5 11.Nxb5 Qb8 12.Bb6 Nxe4 13.Qe3 Rxa2 14.Kb1 Ra4 15.Nc7+ Ke7 16.Rd4 Rxd4 17.Qxd4 f6 18.Qxe4 d5 19.Qe1 Kf7 20.f4 Bd6 21.Nb5 Nc6 22.g3 Bd7 23.Qd2 h4 24.Bg2 hxg3 25.hxg3 Rxh1+ 26.Bxh1 Bb4 27.Qh2 Ne7 28.Nd4 Qd6 29.Qh5+ Kf8 30.Bd8 Bc5 31.Qh8+ Ng8 32.Nb3 Bb6 33.Bxb6 Qxb6 34.f5 Qg1+ 35.Ka2 Qxg3 36.Nc5 Qd6 37.fxe6 Bxe6 38.Nd3 Bf5 39.Qh5 Ne7 40.Qh8+ Kf7 41.Qh5+ Bg6 42.Qe2 Qa6+ 43.Kb1 Bxd3 44.cxd3 Qe6 45.Qh5+ g6 46.Qh7+ Ke8 47.Bf3 Kd7 48.Bd1 Qe1 49.Kc1 Qe3+ 50.Kc2 g5 51.Qh8 f5 52.Qb8 b6 53.Kc3 Qc5+ 54.Kd2 Qb4+ 55.Kc2 g4 56.Kb1 Qd4 57.Ka2 Nc6 58.Qb7+ Kd6 59.Qh7 Nb4+ 60.Ka3 Nxd3 61.Qh6+ Ke5 62.Qh2+ Ke4 63.Qg2+ Kf4 64.Qd2+ Qe3 65.Qh2+

00:00 Hello Everyone!

The Julius Baer Generation Cup, the 5th event on the $2 million 2023 Champions Chess Tour, features three Divisions of 8, 16 and 32 players. Each division is a double-elimination knockout where if you lose one match you drop down to a Losers bracket and can still win the tournament. In the Grand Final if the player from the Winners bracket loses, there’s a rematch. The total prize fund is $235,000, with a top prize of $30,000 (150 Tour points) in Division I, $10,000 in Division II (50 points) and $5,000 (20 points) in Division III. The top 3 in Division I and the winner of Division II qualify straight to Division I of the next event on the Tour.

The time control for normal games is 15 minutes per player for all moves, with a 3-second increment each move. In Division I and II the Winners bracket matches are played over four games, while in the Losers bracket there are two games. In Division III all matches are over two games except the 4-game Grand Final. A tie in a match is decided by an Armageddon game with no increment, where the players bid for time they are willing to play with. The lowest bidder gets that time and can pick colour, while the opponent gets 15 minutes. Black only needs a draw to win the match. Official website:

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  1. The easiest way to refer to the finals in double elimination brackets is winner's final, loser's final, and grand final. Most younger viewers will already be familiar with this as it's a very common format in video game tournaments.

  2. Watched this live, eval bar had Alireza completely winning when Magnus queen and bishop were trapped in the corner. Leave it to Magnus to squeeze water from a stone

  3. Magnus always used to bring his opponent in a zugzwang position,someway or the other.I think this is his biggest strength.

  4. #Suggestion please show us both games between Fabi & Nodirbek.

    Fabi crushed in the first one with brilliant opening prep that’s a crazy miniature
    Second Fabi had a position that he could win even in his sleep but one slight inaccuracy all went south

  5. Not sure what counts as top-tier these days but 9…h5 has been played by at least 4 GMs and various other Masters. In addition, if white is genuinely caught by surprise, the logical continuation is 10. f4 Neg4; 11. Bg1, which transposes back to one of the main lines. 11. Ndb5 strongly suggests that Firouzja was fully prepared for this "never played" move. I think the continuation that maybe slightly threw him was 12. Nxe4, since the stem game for this variation (Tukaeva-Murzin 2015) continued 12…Rxa2 with a quick win for white.

  6. just Tricks up ur sleeve is not enough to be the chosen one

  7. You can only play the opponent in front of you,and the mistakes are always there waiting to be played…Tal would love this

  8. How did Alireza not find that move, it was not like a crazy engine move, it was well within a GM ‘s ability

  9. Magnus is in the midst of clearing the side quests.

  10. Since Carlson has reservation regarding Classical Chess, how about implementing an Opening Ballot System? Draughts and Pool Checkers uses this system!

  11. Using the term 'upper bracket finals' is easier and less confusing

  12. FIzzy playing slow as usual and getting absolutely stomped.
    I remember when people thought Fizzy was the next one, seems unlikely when players like prog actually playing good chess.

  13. Magnus in grinding mode. Wanna see him keep doing this. Wanna see him making comebacks, perhaps even for the WCC

  14. It seems that Magnus is sympathizing with Fischer's condemnation of opening theory. He's just trying to play chess

  15. #suggestion this is called the "Winner's Finals" so as to avoid confusion with the "Loser's Finals" and "Grand Finals". Winner's and Loser's are also sometimes called Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket.

  16. Double-elimination bracket is very well established in some disciplines and I personally really like it – it still has this a thrill of knockout tournament, but a player has always a second chance in losers ladder, which is more fair than pure cup system. So in that system, the player that loses in winners ladder goes to the losers ladder and face winners winner in a second match, which I guess is quite mouthful, but in the end very logical.

  17. Magnus hates clasical chess because of the cheaters.

  18. It’s a stupid format… “I beat everyone!”

    “Now you must beat the person you already defeated.” 😑

    Can’t stand the double elimination “losers bracket” format.

  19. That's the kind of champion I really want to watch.

  20. Suggestion # Alireza vs Lazavik final Game between the two Julius Bauer

  21. #suggestion today's second game of Alireza Firouzja vs Denis Lazavik. Quite a thriller, do check it out. (Julius Baer generation cup day4)

  22. …… be frank quite a confusing event !

  23. it's mind-boggling to me that gothamchess has 4 Mio. subs while agadmator only has 1.3 Mio. I won't get it.

  24. 3:28 Why not Bishop to A7? Threaten to queen, force the trade on the rook. IF the continue to trade, and take the knight after the bishop rook exchange, you take theirs… right?

  25. Its time to show games of Divya Deshmukh another superstar from India

  26. Why do you have their classical ratings on a rapid game?

  27. Use Eliminator or Qualifier instead of final and grandfinal

  28. It has official names. Upper bracket finale, lower bracket finale, grand finale.

  29. I was a little confused about how White is "much better" in the hypothetical line at 5:28. Black has a rook, 2 knights, and 2 pawns in place of White having a queen. Isn't this a huge material advantage? True Black's pieces are underdeveloped, but there aren't even any immediate threats from White on the board. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard for Black to at least hold this to a draw.

  30. He wanted to resign on move 64, that's why he prolonged. But missed it by a move.

  31. Double-elimination is not confusing.

    It just means that: you are eliminated by losing twice.

    This was a match between unbeaten players. So neither could be eliminated.

    In this case, they were the only 2 unbeaten players remaining. So, the winner would qualify to the Grand Final undefeated, which is an advantage.

    The GF is played by a player with no defeat against a player with one loss. The one-loss player needs to win twice; the undefeated player, only once.

  32. 3-0 against alireza
    Magnus is the past, present and future

  33. So the "Final" is actually the Semi-Final…..and the " Grand Final" is the Final……

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