The World Champion Loves an Octopus – Svidler vs Carlsen | Grenke Chess Classic 2019

Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Svidler vs Carlsen from the Grenke Chess Classic 2019. Support on Patreon: ►
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  1. Thanks for making these! Always Looking forward to watch

  2. Was just waiting for Danny's analysis and here it is. What a treat it has been!

  3. If MC continues winning his tournaments like Shamkir and Grenke and NO losses, he will have a chance this year to reach 2900. But with every loss he loses 6-7 points and even a draw he loses 2-3 points. He has an insane +26 points this month on the live rating!!!

  4. I remember listening to you commentate on the 1995 World Chess Championship in the Twin Towers. You are excellent at explaining chess.

  5. So did the Octopus basically split the rooks!? 🤣

  6. Magnus keeps on winning. Great analysis again from Danny.

  7. Oooh yes Magnus is on fire but Peter Svidler is a class act last moves smiling and allowed the mate!

  8. I think Svidler probably expected to lose and was not disappointed. Last time he played Carlsen online he already lost the match before moving a single pawn. Just follow his online commentary if you doubt the truth of my statement. Carlsen is looking much like Kasparov these days in that his opponents seem to be playing way below their strength when they face him. This is no slight to Carlsen. He is the best in the World right now and no one is even close. He seems to have rejuvenated his game and is playing incredibly well. It never hurts though to have your opponents help you along by contributing some own goals.

  9. Great commentary. A treat to follow the action with Daniel.

  10. "60 minutes" called. They want their ticking sound back…:)

  11. Clearly Carlsen is playing on a different level than the "usual" super gm but still it looks a little weak for Svidler to get into this passive position when just for a pawn he could have maintained a little activity. Allowing Ne5 with tempo was like giving up already when he could drop the d3 pawn and try to keep that knight out of the game.

  12. Hey! I thought that Magnus never beats Svindler? Isn't that against the rules or something?( Maybe they should fire Magnus or something.)

    HEY MAN! Don't you know that you're supposed to be in the throws of a slow, sad decline?

    You're too old. Over the hill. Quit.

  13. Mister King, it would be great if tomorrow Maxime win against Magnus that you make the analysis in french. Merci ^^

  14. like astorm in sunny day , this amazing attacking game !

  15. Super tourney by super Mag being analysed by super King:))) Thank you very much! Always enjoy your analysis:))))

  16. Hi Daniel, something worth being mentioned is what if Magnus played 26…,f3!!, if 27.Rxe3 then 27…, f2+!

  17. Daniel… love your analysis and they way you present all the games here. Thank you.

  18. I absolutely love the way magnus is playing in recent tournaments, always going for activity and initiative. I love it

  19. Great video! While we're on the subject of Magnus Carlsen's octopus knights, I'd love it if you'd take a fresh look at the third Karjakin-Carlsen rapid game from 2016, which you've never done a full video on before. I always thought that was a great Carlsen octopus!

  20. Super weird opening by Svidler…moved the knight 4 times in 1st 10 moves…never seen a Sicilian so strange with white..I have Seen at least a thousand sicilians…never seen this weird sequence…looked so ugly I couldn't finish the video

  21. It seems that Carlsen is following your channel and knows how much you like octopus knights 🙂 I´m glad Carlsen discovered his love for the sicilian. These kind of positions suits him very well and the games are much more interesting than the Berlin. And kudos to Swidler. He is a real sportsman. Not all players would act like he did in the conference after such a devastating defeat.

  22. 19 f4 after 20 minutes…has he never heard think long, think wrong??

  23. Excellent commentaries and analysis, Daniel.

  24. From now on I think Magnus should compete in TCEC.. He is too strong for humains.

  25. Daniel (and the engine) is quite right to put the finger on Svidler's 22 Qf3 as the start of troubles for Svidler. Magnus didn't need to invoke his godlike powers to win once he could bring his knight into the fray with Ne5, with tempo no less. After that, it was just technique for Magnus.

  26. Thanks for this great coverage, love your stuff!

  27. I really appreciate your work. I do not ubderstand how is it possible that some other chess channels like (agadmator) gets more views than your channel considering that he just calls the moves without explaining the ideas behind the moves. That is why you are great man!
    Keep it up…
    Greetings from Azerbaijan!

  28. Magnus was simply magnificent at Grenke and has been superb since his championship match with Caruana.

  29. The correct opening book for watching a Dan King vid : 1. click video 2. click like 3. watch video

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