The Only Grandmaster to Beat BOTH World Champions in 2023!

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  1. So if you are playing anish giri you bishop<knight ,trade your bishop for his knight

  2. Giri just beat magnus for the first time ever in 12 years. Not something I would be bragging about.

  3. Oh and considering ding has been wcc for all of 17 mins, not sure this is a flex especially since magnus never lost it and it took giri 12 years to beat magnus once.

  4. Not so fast, Abdusattorov still has 7 months to beat Ding. Likewise Alireza has the rest of the year to beat Carlsen.

  5. ᵛᶰシKᏋM TRàᏁᎶ TIềᏁ࿐ says:

    Magnus thua thằng elo 1000 ^^

  6. RIP Anand and all the other ex world champions

  7. People who played when the Pca was a thing : Am I a joke to you.

  8. Ding had just come back from Azerbaijan after an exhausting few weeks of chess.

    I'm not surprised Anish beat him.

  9. I would see world championships Magnus vs Anish vs Ding

  10. Couldn't expect less from Magnish Girisen.

  11. Bro really was forced to make this video i guess 😂😂

  12. Alles nur, weil sein Sekundant ihm die Fokushosen ausgeliehen hat @Janistantv

  13. so admin did you had any raise from the CEO after uploading this shorts..

  14. Guess who isn't the world chess champion😊

  15. Yet Magnus’ record against Ding is 41 to 22, and his record against Anish is 30 to 10.
    (61 draws vs Ding and 69 draws vs Anish).
    Pretty weird video considering Carlson is miles ahead of both of these guys

  16. its magnus's and ding's fault….just play e4 e5 ke2 ke7 ke1 ke8 ke2 ke7…anish would be more than happy with this draw

  17. Did he just say it took 12 years to beat Magus. He might want to rewrite that in a different light.

  18. What was Giris favourite subject in school?…. Draw-ing

  19. A feat dificult to achive due to time constrains.

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