The Most Famous Chess Game Of All Time

The Paul Morphy Duke Karl Count Isouard Opera Chess Game. Explained.

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  1. The textfield with the subtitle is very disturbing. Try to put it somewhere else. Yet a good performance

  2. Ive watch it fully 1st. Vid of Gotham btw. That i watched fully*.

  3. Thanks for the educational recap 🏆

  4. I'm going to be way off but bishop c4.

    Ps heck yeah!!

  5. The most important lesson I have learned from this video as a beginner, is that sometimes you need give up your queen to win the game, you don't always need to protect it.

  6. why when i watch your videos i always want to cry becouse of ur commentery, its somehow just so emotional

  7. like many I've seen that game many times but still a work of art worth coming back too , thanx

  8. What is life but the enjoyment of delusion? says:

    We can't be so sure that Paul Murphy was wrong. As leela chess did everything Paul Murphy did.

  9. ASMRChess does the absolute best commentary of this game. Go give it a watch. After you finish this video, of course.

  10. 9:30 well kd2 would get a reaction, perhaps falling off a chair maybe?

  11. The first game I played in a board in public I found a queen sacrifice that led to checkmate. I really wish I had recorded it. This game reminded me of that day

  12. Your videos are such a pleasure. In addition to being instructive.

  13. i love when levy points to the camera asking for the best move! most people (like me) dont have the initiative to figure it out without prompt!

  14. We all (800 elo) play Botez gambit, sometimes we just don't know it

  15. I didn't have to even pause to see if I could find it, it's as if I've already lived it! 😉

  16. Botez Gambit….I play it a lot and I am proud of it 😂

  17. Back when chess had style, finesse. Now it’s study what the computer does

  18. Today's the anniversary of Morphy's death (1884)

    R.I.P. to the great man 🌼

  19. I can't believe I predicted all of murphy's moves starting with the knight sac. I cant believe myself 😳sometimes fools/novice like me could think. I am still in shock that I predicted every move of murphy after the knight sac when ypu asked think what move he would make And I swear I dont know how🥲

  20. I barely made it to the end of the video, I would not make the same mistake again

  21. "This is why I make chess videos, and not math videos."

    Chess and math: "I thought we were brothers…"

  22. Great, fantastic and immortal Paul Morphy!!! Respect forever!!! 👍

  23. What I find amazing is how much chess has evolved too. I wonder if Morphy was alive with the same skill how much rating could he get. I would say about 2k. I dont see him having any chance against Magnus or Hikaru. Not that I want to devalue him. This was so long ago. He was a pioneer back then. If you are below 2k like me you can still learn tons and appreciate a beautiful game.

    What do you think? How much rating could he reach nowadays?

  24. Who knew harry potter would get into chess theory!

  25. why wouldn’t you just play B4 or After.

  26. 8:56 omy god i think bishop takes rook takes and queen checks the only defence is rook and then take the rook with your rook and defends with the queen and idk

  27. Emphasis on the "traveled thousands of miles to see this opera". Back then it wasn't like just hopping on a plane it was an ordeal to go anywhere.

  28. The reason why this game might have been written down is because of how disruptive it may have been. At least one source indicates that the Duke and Count were quite agitated during this game, shouting advice at each other in tones so loud that it at one point stopped the performance and people drifted over to observe the match.

    Now, usually, I'm deeply skeptical of these stories. Great games tend to pick up mythical qualities in the retelling. But this story I'm willing to believe for one simple reason: the game was remembered. Its moves were written down and widely disseminated. That alone suggests that the two nobles really were so outspoken that the performance was halted, which was a very rare occasion at that time.

    It is also possible that it was difficult to socially sanction the nobility during the reign of Napoleon III, but mid-century Imperial French law and social customs are not my specialty, so I can't get too deep into that.

  29. As a beginner, this video is priceless. Thanks!

  30. The most famous chess game of all time is :
    1. e4 e5
    2. Qh5 Nc6
    3. Bc4 Nf6
    4. Qxf7#

  31. "Playing during the opera is just a degenerate behaviour, because why wouldn't you just play before" << for quite a moment there i was unable to understand this sentence, and what moving your pawn to b4 has to do with an opera

  32. The game was surely recorded by those two "bozos" 🙂

  33. There is no way to explain this famous game better and more entertaining than this guy does. What a chess teacher! Brilliant!

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