The moment Magnus Carlsen became World Chess Champion

This is the moment Magnus Carlsen won the World Chess Championship 2013 beating Viswanathan Anand for the first time


  1. 'people have shorter attention spans' or maybe they had nothing better to do in the 1950's than watch a chess tournament go on for 6 months straight lmao.

  2. When they were talking about 12 being perfect because people's attention spans are short… It's 14 now. I like it at 14.

  3. Commentary was very good, too.
    Lawrence and Tania know their stuff

  4. Who tf came to the idea that Sachdev makes a good commentator? Her voice is so annoying

  5. Anand choosing to allow the removal of pieces on his last game as Champion and not resign speaks volumes to his already highly praised personality and character in the chess world, such a humble man.

  6. Congrats Ding, finally someone other than Magnus after this moment. Magnus still the true champion. lSad he didn't feel motivated to play world chess championship anymore.

  7. Moment when Ding Liren becomes world champion was more dramatic. These emotions of Ian when he comprehended it's all over, when he accidentally throws pieces on floor from tense, standing up thrembeling from chair it's just so incredible. Even face of Din LiJen does not have any emotion of satisfaction or cheer. He was looks so tired and exhausted when hides his face by hand.
    Indeed, 2023 world championship was more dramatic…..

  8. Came back here to message that a whole Era has ended. Starting today (only an hour ago) Magnus Carlsen has been dethroned as the world champion by Ding Liren(beating Ian Nepo). Another thing I wanted to add was people were being rude and saying tania shouldn't be commentating as an IM on a world championship. They should come back to this video which was 7 years ago where she was part of an historical event in terms of chess.

  9. "People have got shorter attention spans nowadays"
    If only they knew how bad it got

  10. Watching it today, the closing ceremony day to Ding Liren, the new world champion 😮

  11. Now congrats to Ding Liren for winning 2023 World Chess Championship!♟️🏆🏆

  12. Wait couldn’t the white king just eat the knight?? It should be a draw

  13. How did Magnus win with a draw while he was white pieces

  14. Tania was commentating even back then? 😮

  15. Chess is beautiful, expecially when you have a world champion that also is the best chess player in the world at the same time. I hope he comes back

  16. That moment where Carlsen is waiting for his copy of the score sheet….the very very last act of sealing the deal…only a very few people would know what the feeling is to have won the world championship!!!!

  17. I'm from the future and magnus won the world championship!!!

  18. Subhanallah sungguh sangat luar biasa 🇮🇩

  19. kisi din ye tamasha muskurake ham bhi dekhege 🙂
    magnus carlsen, indians are coming for you!

  20. People have a shorter attention span or the game has advanced and the old black and white TV is no longer needed

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