The LONGEST Chess Game Ever Played

Did you know that the longest chess game ever played, took over 20 hours and 269 moves! This all happened in 1989 and the game eventually ended in a draw. This match was between Nikolic Arsenic and Belgrade. #shorts #chess #didyouknow


  1. In modern chess too many moves aren't possible as there are rules like threefold reptition and insufficient material

  2. Meanwhile Witty Alien:Won hard game less than 30s sacrificing everything 😂

  3. What a hell. 20 hours. I subbed by the way

  4. Do people actually sub just because they are told to do it? Really?😅

  5. It happens , you have a completely dead draw position on the board and for some weird reason like they really really need to win and they have alot of time even if its one person who doesnt want to draw the person alone can strech the game for hours and the other person has to defend. But in this exact game both the players wanted to win and there were many chances to end the game but they didnt.

  6. “Perfect chess games always end in stalemates”-ThatOnePopularChessPlayer

  7. Wait I had a game of hat that took 10 minutes and had 500 moves

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