The History Of Chess: The World Chess Championship

Learn about the champions who have defined the game such as Paul Morphy, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Magnus Carlsen from some of the game’s greatest players and commentators, including Viswanathan Anand, Bruce Pandolfini, Ben Finegold, and Danny Rensch.

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Executive Producer:
Dean J. Andrews

Michael Pennywark

Dean J. Andrews

Jonathan Corblah

Alexandra Kostenyuk (Women’s World Chess Champion 2008-2010)
Andrey Terekhov Ph.D. (FIDE Master)
Ben Finegold (Grandmaster)
Bruce Pandolfini (USCF National Master)
Danny Rensch (International Master)
Dejan Bojkov (Grandmaster)
Jonathan Tisdall (Grandmaster)
Nigel Short (Grandmaster)
Paul van der Sterren (Dutch Chess Champion 1985 & 1993)
Viswanathan Anand (Five Time World Chess Champion)

Editing & Post Production:
Ironik Design & Post
Michael Pennywark

Special Thanks:
Getty Images
Peter Doggers
Sam Copeland
Yury Solomatin
Emily Cole

*26:25 Bogoljubov first defeated Lasker in a tournament game in 1934 (Zurich) and never won a game vs Capablanca. He did however finish ahead of Capablanca and Lasker in Moscow in 1924, and ahead of Capablanca again in Bad Kissingen in 1928.

00:00 Origins of Chess
05:15 The First World Chess Championship
09:39 The Lasker Reign
20:01 Viva Cuba
24:02 The Alekhine Era
27:28 Pre-War Tensions
29:40 Enter FIDE
32:15 Soviet Dominance Part 1
42:22 Soviet Dominance Part 2
44:00 Finding Bobby Fischer
50:36 Chess Moves Off the Table
52:39 Kasparov v. Karpov
56:53 The Split Titles
01:00:56 The Anand Reign
01:08:55 The Magnus Era

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  1. compliments to the folks that produced this video….really well done. About halfway thru and really enjoying it!

  2. Fischer won game 3 as well . He played the benoni .

  3. It should be respected that Paul Morphy was forced out of chess because he was so talented, the world famous players refused to play him. His family tried to encourage him to practice a livelihood other than playing chess, but P. Morphy was so dedicated to the game and traumatized by his rejection, he died of suicide. While a bad omen for the beginning of professional chess, I would think P. Morphy would be astounded at the vast culture that has bloomed in the phenomena of modern world chess, among both people and high tech competition.

  4. i'm 16 years old to watching this nice history

  5. Spassky deserves tons of credit, for putting up with Fischers shit and refusing the KJB telling him to come home and give up and agreeing to Bobbys weird rules.

  6. I can't handle the stress of a normal game anymore. As a Rapid player, I feel much better.

  7. Did he have beads in his Niemann ??? … No cameras sounds a bit beady to me… It all sounds a bit fish(cer)y… ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ“ฟ

  8. Wow…many things that I've learn from this video. History of chess. Those great players in old time. But for me,. bobby Fischer is the best..! ๐Ÿค˜

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  10. The 1990s was when I played the most chess. Friendships fizzled. I joined a club in the early 2000s. Found a new friend there. Enjoyed playing him the most. That friendship ended in the late 2000s. At some point I realised something: it is just a game. There is no rationale to why the pieces move as they do or why the board is 8×8. May well be the least popular comment under a chess video but: why care about chess? My life is better now that I no longer play chess. Easier to meet people as equals.

    Easier to get along with people. People have written and continue to write of the benefits of chess. For some reason the costs of chess are… it is almost as if people think it is inconceivable that playing chess can come with any cost. That.. at the very least.. that is dangerous. One cost is that it embeds an "other people are my enemy" psyche into players. That having a competitive attitude is a goal in and of itself in life. Chess may have benefits but what 'higher purpose' does it serve? Really it is none outside of chess itself. It is an artificial game. It traps the mind rather than liberates it.

    Yes, I did watch this video i.e. all the way through. The human side was kinda interesting, but also annoying e.g. variations in rules, prize money, playing conditions and locations, schisms. If a person wants to be a fanatic and turn a blind eye to all of that then… well okay… that choice is up to each person. I just see it for what it is: artificial and ego based nonsense. I am hardly going to "unsee" that. No, it does not make it more interesting. It makes it less interesting. It also blows away any argument that chess is pure.

    Yeah, anyway, not going to be returning to chess any time soon.

  11. Even if you don't play the game you gotta admit this documentary was extremely well done, between the music and interviews, let alone historical accuracy and attention to important details

  12. I played on RedHotPawn back In the day…I was always Drunk when I played…

    …Won more than I lost Boys and Germs…

  13. What the heck does Magnus do at 1:09:08? Seems to remove two pieces from the board – one of each colour – and then move a pawn?

  14. how the fuck are you not gonna mention fischers insane racism and bigotry???

  15. Didn't really cover Magnus vs Nepo. Game 6 was the longest ever. Should have got a mention.

  16. It's weird how Indians (Bharatiya) invented chess and then almost forgot it……but Mr. Vishy Anand revived it and made it popular again:)

  17. It's not that deep bro. Don't make chess into a national geographic documentary. ITS NOT THAT DEEP BRO 1:05

  18. Congratulations to the producers, an excellent documentary.

  19. 26:20 Bogolyubov was born in my village 100km south of Kyiv. Like with many artists (think Malevich etc.), the fact that he's famous as a Russian player is cultural appropriation.

  20. In1894 2000 bucks must defenitely been sizable. Must Aljechine's shortened life be read as 'Euwe didn't just look like a liver and kidney Docters but was one?' i.e. was it know then he d not be old..or did stuff develop later? As we speak Tata Steel challengers Erwin L'Ami really looks like what a General Practitioner is supposed to look like. Being a follower of Denmarks 'any well paid job must be women's asap,andmen must be happy if we let em live' in the Netherlands this is .. being a dissident..His wife could be a nurse btw. Wanna visual Alina L'Ami my name can be read backwards too, c'est cool quoi?
    Don t tell anyone, its EU all data is secret especially economic but hospitals are in trouble, and GPs ar intentionally the residual budget crumbs thing..what use is a without hospitals? Well 20% is techn. Bancrupt.Petrosian has a flat building sized grave, and he is on a banc note. To be famous in small shithole countries is underrated, and fame in usa or West europe over~ my conclusion is. What s on EU bancnites, well its the some place,somwhere..The note is blueish grey looks..un inspired..first/foremost hey Nigel wazzup.

  21. Amazing documentary, very well-made!! Would love to see more in future!!!

  22. i beleivehe was there at that diner with the president for some show off reason , look he on our side, that the power of chess

  23. as a Mikhail Tal Fan its so sad that he was not included on the final slideshow of chess world champions ๐Ÿ™ I mean he held it once too.

  24. Amusingly, right at the end, 1:14:32 – they show a shot of kids playing – "chess inspiring future generations for years to come" – you realise those kids are using those chess pieces to play draughts (checkers), right? Not chess.

  25. the fact that this doesn't have even 1 million is ludicrous. Best documentary ever

  26. "Chess is a reflection of us." You call'n me a Pawn, buddy?

  27. Where are the women? When are we going to see a woman playing for the world championship? Or is it that FIDE segregates women in this game?

  28. Magnus Carlsen is the best ever , based on the computer setups and machines we have today where many are topp class players , and still be able to win all 3 World Championship is much harder to day then before when they dident have computers, Close is Boby Fisher and Kasparov, still nr 1 is Magnus Carlsen

  29. I was supposed to play GM Korchnoi in 1978 after I had defeated GM Gligoric in 1975( at age 14) Unfortunately, Korchnoi 's detection made it impossible.

  30. Anand managed to end 80 years of supremacy of the Soviet Union chess school from Alexander Alekhine 1927-vladimir kramnik 2007

  31. Poor americans! They Always think there Is a goat, Always a "best of"… They come to Venice and ask for "the best ICE cream in Venice", they dont even know that taste exists, that Life Is complex and variable, and not everything can come down to some silly numbers.
    But even of we indulge in this childish stuff, how can someone Say that carlsen Is the goat?!? Did these fella see Fischer or Kasparov? Do they know some Paul morphy lived in the 19th century, and everywhere he went he took that country's chess elite by storm? And also we must agree that ex. Kasparov definitely changed the way we play, so chess did a 20years lap forward Just because he arrived on the scenes, extremely young…

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