The Greatest Chess Winning Streak Of All Time

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This is the dominant streak of Fabiano Caruana in Sinquefield Cup 2014 where he defeated Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, and others.

0:00 Intro
0:50 Game 1
3:33 Game 2
8:18 Game 3
12:54 Game 4
17:36 Game 5
23:12 Game 6
27:50 Game 7

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  1. This has to be the most stupid video on chess – EVER. Fischer's sole 6-0 win over Larsen (you know who that guy was, right?) completely dwarfs Caruana's streak in itself.

    And then some, with 14, that's *14*, more wins to boot – 7 (!) against Taimanov but also Uhlmann, Mecking, Gligoric and… Petrosian (among others).

    Pure sh!te if you ask me. Still pure sh!te if you don't.

  2. The beauty of chess can be exemplified by that simple decision of moving Rf1 to d1

  3. That's impressive, but Fabi probably would've swept if he played the King's Gambit.

  4. He had an elo performance of about 3600. That's Stockfish's and Lila's fire power. Complete annihilation.
    That wasn't a fight. That was just butchery.

  5. “Great players play on one side, down the middle, and on the left”
    GothamChess 2021

  6. 26:52 What if black moves their rook to f8? Maybe this should be analyzed?

  7. 2:55 Why not just Qh3, forcing White to give up the Bishop?

  8. Fabiano plays well against everyone ,and worst againt me

  9. one of the best players of my country once sayed chess is easy if you know where to put your pieces. we spent couple of hours behind the board and his game seemed so simple and effortless, clean somehow. fascinating.

  10. pretty sure this vid didnt aged too well because im expecting a new vid to come out 'The worst performance in all of candidates' featuring alireza as well

  11. Can someone explain in game 1 why the b3-pawn couldn't take the c4-pawn to disrupt the pawn advancing? Did he resign simply because that would have left White in a clearly losing position with such weak pawn structures? Still learning, Ty

  12. Fischer won 7 straight games to end his interzonal in 1970 before winning 13 straight games with 0 draws, 6-0 vs two and winning the first against a former champion Petrosian in a CANDIDATES tournament. They drew three straight games after losing the second game before winning 4 straight to win the match. But the craziest part of it all is that Fischer played in a rapid tournament before his match with petrosian…and scored 21.5/22…meaning he drew one rapid game and won 21 of them against some top competion. There will never be another run like that ever against grandmasters of any strength.

  13. That magnus match is the worst demolition of a reigning world champion in a classical game I have ever seen, with the exception of maybe a couple world championship matches.

  14. Caruana was incredibly impressive, the greatest performance of the post modern Era of chess engines…but Fabianos main asset is his memorization, the strength of his prep. Its easy to act like the lack of engines made it easier for Fischer when you dont take into account that everybody is one equal terms regardless. And if the elite chess players of the 1900s had engines, theyd be better than 98% percent of today's grandmasters. People love to downplay the role engines have in making today's players so strong while also downplaying the strength of players who never had such an easy and, let's be real, cheesy way to prepare for games. Hikaru says you don't have to he a genius or even all that intelligent to be a great chess player…but back in the day, you certainly had to be highly intelligent because the way they learned chess was through books, magazines and hour after hour of over the board analyzation. Alot of these magnus famboys that act like he is the GOAT don't realize just what that entails…you miss one possible move out of 20+ moves and all your prep is for nothing. Engines make prep so much easier.

  15. GothamChess: Who are you?
    Fabiano Caruana: I'm you, but sexier.

  16. Today, in the international chess olympiad 2022 Gukesh D beats Caruana and now Gukesh is on a streak of 8-0

  17. Oh so when Caruana plays a move nobody’s done before it’s brilliant, but when I do it it’s a “blunder” and “instantly losing”

  18. I had 11 win in a row against some BMs … In the 12th game I got over confident and tried to play the game while being high … Won 6 in a row the next day … Could have probably been a 17 win in a row…

  19. I was lucky to be following this tournament at the time and I was so shocked and excited. I normally don't watch classical tournaments because I get bored but I made the right decision with this one.

  20. Do you know that fabiano could took tge queen ?? Insted of playing r b1 to kick the queen if he played Knight c7 check if he took with the bishop he goes Bb5 check and the rook is taking queen … tell me im wrong !

  21. fantastic. my favourite video of yours and fabiano has a new fan:)

  22. I don't know how I have just heard of this streak what in the actual fuck. What a beast.

  23. i can calculate not my one better but i can calculate my opponent best move but not my one

  24. 2:14 💀💀 fabi plays c4 when queen h3 was forced mate in 2

  25. 18:27 "dangerous for both parties"
    Something is very wrong with that perspective on chess. Losing is not a danger, but drawing is a waste of everyone's time.

  26. A performance of 3600 is basically Stockfish, isn't it?

  27. In 2015, I was at the National Open Chess Tournament in Las Vegas, NV. While I was playing, my wife was waiting in the hallway. She recognized Fabiano Cuarana and said hello, and he was nice and shook her hand, and signed a chess book she was reading. Very cool memory for her.

  28. Thanks Gotham chess that you mentioned Rustam Qasimjanov who is From Uzbekistan and he also supported World Rapid Champion Nodirbek Abdusattorov

  29. Ironic that this was recommended to me after I watched your recap of Magnus completely demolishing Fabi in the SCC.

  30. Learning chess has become like a self torture, every time I learn about it I realize I'd should just stick to whiskey

  31. GrandMaster Caruana has a special place in my heart. Maybe it’s an exaggeration to call him the Tal of our generation but there’s something there.

  32. @ 2:09 but wouldn't Mate follow after Queen A3? (Edited) I'm lacking sleep & Realized just now that this Video is 1 Yr old. No wonder why Gotham looked different.

  33. I thought it's levy on thumbnail, only for me??

  34. The way Gotham explained is more beautiful than actual games played which shd be the way for any sports promotion 👍

  35. bro played like it was the end of the world

  36. Levan ranyan is the coolest sounding name i have ever heard

  37. and what has the greatest winning streak of all time have to do with 7-0?
    are you stupid?
    cant you add? admit Fischer won 2O GAMES IN A ROW AGAINST TOP GM'S….but you think 7-0 is the greatest win streak of all times??
    dude…you ain't very bright

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