The game that made Magnus Carlsen the World Rapid Champion 2019

Usually when it is the championship game, you often see players slightly tensed or nervous. But you can see how Magnus Carlsen plays each and every move in this game with great confidence against Hikaru Nakamura. He has a full point lead over the field and instead of him offering a draw, it was Nakamura who had to ask for the half point.

After becoming the World Rapid Champion we show you the after-moments of Carlsen’s victory, a glimpse from the interview after becoming the champion and the presentation ceremony at the end!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. The angle of camera in chess game is the worst angle of all time.

  2. Chess base India's video and no coughing competition this is very unfair for viewers

  3. Am i the one watching this without knowing anything but just came to watch … How ppl play chess with facial reactions 😆😆

  4. Can anyone explain the checkmate or did this guy just give up lol

  5. I dont understand why it was a draw… there were still some moves left , right ? I'm brand new to chess i know nothing lol can someone explain ?

  6. Game start: 0:49

    also why is the dude randomly starring at them at the beginning I felt uncomfortable for him

  7. I know nothing about chess. I just see two dudes moving their pieces at the speed of light and somehow were able to plan out entire games while that happens.

  8. That was the most uniform handshake I have ever seen. Game hasn't even started , and I'm impressed.

  9. I just hope one day i could have a photo with my idol Magnus Carlsen this is my dream

  10. Who else is here to edit a Minecraft llama’s face on to magnus’ face

  11. Nobody,
    Me searching why he resigns in comments. 😭

  12. imagine if magnus carlsen fell while climbing the stairs

  13. wow imagine how hard it is to be the greatest chess player in the world, and of all time???? the top 10 at the regional tournaments as a little kid in 1st, 2nd grade were intimidating enough, he's definitely achieved genius in his life

  14. I don't even understand what's going on if I don't pause it and observe it carefully

  15. can someone explain to me how he won i dont understand

  16. I dunno whats happening here but I’m totally entranced by it

  17. Can anyone help me
    How match finished
    There was no check mate
    Plzz help

  18. Plzz tell
    How the match finished
    There was no checkmate nothing
    Why the game ended.
    And how winner decided.

  19. How we wins
    Without giving an checkmate.

  20. TeXt Me:†①⑨⑧④②③⑤⑥①②⑤ says:

    Inbox 📬

  21. I don't understand how he won please anyone explain to me

  22. when you ask an intelligent person a question, expect a useless answer

  23. I did a three-day staycation of all day chess vids, courses and games. This video is the final hurrah before I'm back to reality, and what a way to end it off. Beautiful chess, crazy atmosphere…you can see how serious this is for both. True generals going to war. Imagine if a chess could be the alternative to an all-out war. Now that's paradise.

  24. Wait I don't understand how it ended neither player was in check did the other guy just give up?

  25. Lol I think the guy at the other chess board is a fan

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