The Fastest Losses of Magnus Carlsen’s Career

The Fastest Losses of Magnus Carlsen’s Career



  1. Dang didn't even he could even lose lol

  2. Ha, so I'm better at something in Chess than Magnus Carlsen. I've lost faster than him. Take that Magnus!

  3. Some people think that if their opponent plays a beautiful game, it’s OK to lose. I don’t. You have to be merciless. ~ Magnus Carlsen

  4. the ur still our world champion at the end feels weird when hes no longer

  5. bro only loses when he blunders, otherwise hes god

  6. People love heroes

    what they love more is to see a hero fails

  7. last person who he played hes not from Norway A was armenian and game was played in Yerevan

  8. Even when it comes to who's losing faster, he's still the GOAT 🐐🔥🔥

  9. Magnus Carlsen is the best ranked chess player but that doesnt mean he wont lose in chess games

  10. you are either 1500 or you are just trying to explain to the lower rated audience

  11. 2:33 Magnus misses a chance to save the game with QB8+, winning a rook and possibly the game. With time pressure at 8 seconds, it's certainly hard to see.

  12. His game against Polgar was him playing loose. Real loose.

  13. Fastest losses and the first game is like 50 moves? Wtf is up with this clickbait bs?

  14. thanks for the vignette and the exact commentary of the board right in front of me very useful when i have eyes

  15. last game, was he playing time odds??? Judging by how quickly he moved, I'm just guessing.

  16. Thank you for uploading this amazing video!

  17. I dont play chess and I dont understand what u talkin bout……. Like

  18. Title says: "Fastest Losses of Magnus"
    Game 1: Reached End Game
    Well that tells a lot. LOL

  19. Why wasn’t there that moment of him just hanging a bishop out of nowhere to Hikaru

  20. Thumbnail: Fastest loses of Magnus’ career. Proceeds to show a video of Magnus taking a game to the final seconds before losing 🤔 genius

  21. Magnus is not the world champ anymore 😢😢

  22. 7:20 Is this king move illegal because he moved it two squares? What is the correct thing to do, move it back to where it was and then move it to where he wants it to go?

  23. is this a "music" which Spirit of The Law often using in his AOE 2 analysing videos? 9:10 for example

  24. "The fastest losses"
    Narrator: The clock is getting low

  25. Magnus fastest lose is against Hans. I mean bro literally resign after played 1 move 💀

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