The Best Chess Game I Ever Played

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Now that the Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz + 9LX with Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, etc has ended, I wanted to share my best chess game ever with all of you. Game mentioned in the video and more below!

2016 Rozman v. Cordova:

[Event “World Open 2018”]
[Round “5”]
[White “Cordova, Emilio”]
[Black “Rozman, Levy”]
[ECO “A09”]
[WhiteElo “2624”]
[BlackElo “2417”]
[PlyCount “64”]
[EventDate “2018.??.??”]

1. Nf3 d5 2. c4 d4 3. b4 g5 4. Qa4+ c6 5. Qb3 Bg7 6. Nxg5 e5 7. Qg3 Qe7 8. Ne4 Kf8 9. b5 Nd7 10. bxc6 bxc6 11. Ba3 c5 12. Qf3 Bb7 13. e3 Ngf6 14. Bd3 Rc8 15. O-O h5 16. Qf5 Rh6 17. f3 Rc6 18. Qh3 h4 19. Nxf6 Nxf6 20. Bf5 Kg8 21. exd4 exd4 22. Kf2 Rh5 23. Re1 Qd6 24. d3 Bh6 25. Re4 Nxe4+ 26. fxe4 Qe5 27. Ke2 Rxf5 28. Qxf5 Qxh2 29. Qh3 Qf4 30. Qf3 Qg5 31. Kd1 Rb6 32. Kc2 Bc6 0-1

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  1. Hosting the goat then goating the host is best thing ever

  2. Dang! This was a cool game! I love those games that you remember forever, I often look at an with a pc and realize I suck tho lmao

  3. Ngl this is absolutely brilliant. Can't think of too many opponents who could have faced this and come out winning. The sheer attacking belligerence is insane! For sure you have hundreds more like these in you, Levy. Looking forward to celebrating that GM title soon 😉

  4. I feel like Levy will eventually go bald over time, and I'll be here to watch all of it.

  5. Am I getting good at chess??? I guessed the move of the game

    Also 666th comment

  6. This video is so relevant to today. Levy playing with confidence against GMs is so refreshing and we all know he can compete. now, he just needs to know it too!!

  7. i like how you blocked his queen sidd pieces

  8. "i thought i was a genuis"- love you man. That's generally the beginning of my downfall.

  9. Next level. New subscriber. New Yorker. Love it man. Very Mikhail Tal. That's exciting stuff to watch.

  10. Since there are the "Mythical fighters" in ufc. There will be a new class of Mythical chess players, intruducing "Random opener Levy"

  11. I’ve recently gotten back into chess. Your content keeps me so engaged and I love your style of teaching. Keep up the great work 👌

  12. O my f…king GOD… I predict H5!!!

  13. Just creating a notification here to remind you of this and maybe cheer you up a bit! I've just watched your most recent videos about the tournament, and right after that I stumbled upon this one. It feels so great to watch you being proud of your playing, and it greatly inspired me. I'm going through hard times myself right now and I feel like I can't do a single good thing. You know when nothing feels right and everything just collapses and you are left with the confidence of a little bug in a big poop? That's were I'm at right now. But watching you a year ago being so proud of your best game has reminded me that things change and time passes, and remembering our moments of victory can be key to recovering from those hard times. You do such an important work teaching and inspiring people, even in your worst days. Actually, I think you do an even more important work by having the courage to show your worst days and talk about them the way you do. You're doing something that almost no one does in front of an audience: being human. Wishing you the absolute best <3 I hope you realize how great you are like all of us do.

  14. My best game is beating someone 2042 fide rapid with a attack that made his king go to the centre of the board

  15. Watching this after watching Levi's last tournament… feels very different.

  16. Who’s here from levy’s why I quit chess video

  17. Who came from Levy’s recent video “why I retired from chess”

  18. at first glance it looks like a 600 game but it is crazy wild and great

  19. 'Somewhere Ben Finegold fell out of his chair' 😆

  20. I got the move of the game right! I guessed h5! Well I had my reasons, but I'm a 1100 so guess seems closer to the truth 😅

    My reasons:

    the pawn is protected and can damage whites structure.

    it lets me active my room.

    it give my knight a protected outpost (… I hope thats the right term).

    There are long ish term threats on the queen & checkmate opportunities with the rook… but those are kinda nebulous cuz as stated above, I'm an 1100.

    Edit: TWO FOR TWO BABY!!!

  21. I'm a Reti player just because I want to play that line with white, I have some prep in it

  22. the coolest part about this is he ended the game by moving a piece to his favorite square, c6

  23. Nah everytime he say guess that move I’m like “ oh h5 cause it looks dumb” but it was the right move

  24. So right now I want to watch some levy vids, cause I like him, but I also don’t want to watch chess… tough choice here

  25. I literally said h5 in my mind when he said bring my final pieces into the game

  26. You should play the bongcloud against a subscriber

  27. As a 400 elo my favorite games I've ever played so far is the "rook bluff" game where I somehow managed to win by moving my rooks to random pawns and pretending to have a threat with them (opponent fell for it, or was just really reactionary because they fell for my rook bluffs and got mated by another rook bluff later on in the game), and another game where I "sac'd" (really I blundered them lol, one of the captures I allowed even came with check) pieces during 2 crucial times in the match which my opponent proceeded to miss, blundered their rooks and right afterwards got back ranked.

  28. As someone who has only found your content in recent months, it's cool to see both your games as well your progress as a content maker. Great job (and great game!)

  29. Playing a higher rated GM.
    Levy: Let's play a random opening i know no theory about!

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