The 1st teenager to beat World Champion Magnus Carlsen in Classical Chess – Andrey Esipenko

What a day we have had at the Tata Steel Masters 2021. Andrey Esipenko, just 18 years of age, managed to beat World Champion Magnus Carlsen. It was a brilliant game where the youngsters played the opening like a book, the middlegame like a machine (and the endgame did not arise at all!). Carlsen had absolutely no chance and Esipenko became the first teenager to beat Magnus Carlsen since he became the World Champion.

IM Sagar Shah takes you through the game and also shows you some important pictures related to the duel. It’s a big moment in the youngster’s career and such a win can do his confidence a world of good! Who knows, it might propel him on the journey to become the next World Champion with greater focus and belief.

Video: Sagar Shah

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  1. Wow what a beautiful game played by espenko♟

  2. Kd1 if rxd1 then Kb3 or if queen of white moves b2 might be week

  3. Magnus vs Andrey , both plays in same way of intuition .. Magnus moves with boldness but Andrey brings creativity and so as aggressive attacker

  4. Surely Tal gives his blessings in his memorial

  5. Absolutely masterful play by Esipenko such a beautiful game. I'm a huge fan of Magnus but I am very happy for Andrey his win was well deserved.

  6. In the end of the move and playing as black the one move I would do is…

    Knight to B3
    That puts White in Mate right?

  7. Winning move for the puzzle shown in the last of the video is: Qb3. White has no other option than to take the Queen (axb3) or else it is a mate on Qa2(mate). After axb3, Nxb3 is check and mate

  8. I can't expect from mangus 🤔😑that he resigned..ok so respect is respect ..well played☺❤esipenko

  9. Every time someone loses, they make a fatal move from which it is no longer possible to win, assuming no blunders from the opponent. In this match, Carlsen should have exchanged Queens. So instead of going Queen to d8, he should have went Rook to C6.

  10. Esipenko is russian. That's all we need to know. Even beth harmon feared Russians.

  11. Answer for the puzzle(I think):
    ….. Bb2
    Rxb2 Nb3+
    axb3(if rook takes than Queen falls) i don't no further continuation

  12. Esipenko is not the first teenager to beat Carlsen …Anish Giri at 16 has beaten him in 22 moves.

  13. U explain just like english teacher🤣🤣

  14. Nb3+, a×b3, Qb3. Anything white moves, Qa2 mate.

  15. guys he just picked the better gaming chair

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