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  1. Super happy for you, Levy! :') Thank YOU!

  2. Yeah, sure, he was cheating. But a checkmate by castling. That's insane.

  3. U deserved in Youtube hall of fame and the cheater deserved in hall of shame.

  4. Long castle checkmate 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 brilliant! Well done on your award – very well deserved 🎉

  5. 16:45 In all fairness to the cheater, I did actually see that move. But I'm 800 points higher rated than them, so calling it an easy move to see probably still doesn't apply to a pair of 600s.

  6. Quick question for all my fellow 600’s, what is ur average accuracy cuz im wondering if 50-70 is good or bad

  7. THANNNKYOU FOR TEACHING US MAN! My rating has gone from 478 to 1285 in 4 months.

  8. 17:09 bf4+ black can either kingxd5 or knightxf4 either way the queen isnt trapped

  9. Thanks to you, i got into chess and player my first on the board game and won 3/17/23

  10. @chess add a bot which is worse than Martin

  11. Levy your content is engaging, entertaining and fun. 😄

  12. Dude you suck, anytime you want some come get it. All your dumb followers……

  13. My son is 8 and loves chess. He got me into it (I’m 40). We watch your videos and practice the ideas together. Thank you

  14. This is what 600 play because they didn't watch my content😂💀
    This got me

  15. Just wanted to say I’m a new subscriber and just found your channel within the last week. Not hard to see why you get so many views. You are great at this and I appreciate all the work!

  16. Hahaha win by long castle. Spectacular.

  17. Repent to Jesus Christ “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”
    ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13‬:‭7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  18. If your LA to NY flight was transatlantic, you took the wrong way.

  19. 60k subscribers in 7 days … Oh. My. Word.

  20. How grateful are you to The Queen's Gambit?

  21. I still didn't break into 700. I feel very much at home watching these games. =)

  22. Levy is one of those guys that are so nice that u be like o man u cannot hate that mf if anyone hate him he's truly evil 😅

  23. What if someone cheats by versing a Komodo 1000 against a 600 player? It’s better than just cheating!

  24. i feel happy with myself sometimes for finding crazy top engine moves after levy says it'll be a wild move
    like i found Qh4 after levy said "brutal display of disregard for human life" or smth and i was like "gotta find a wild check" and found Qh4 😀

  25. Levy are you a good blackjack or poker player? Just wondering if there is crossover between chess and card games.

  26. "The pendulum maneuver by a 600 moving the queen on a transatlantic flight from Los Angeles to JFK…I just was on one"

    🤣🤣👏 Congratulations man.

  27. Well deserved Levy, enjoy your videos and teaching style!

  28. One of the best 600 players I’ve ever seen

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