Superbet Chess Classic 2024: Round 1 | #GrandChessTour

Live from the Grand Hotel Bucharest, the 5th Superbet Chess Classic is the second of five legs of the Grand Chess Tour. The nine Tour players are joined by a wildcard (pairings below) for a classical round robin. Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Evgeny Miroshnichenko, & Cristian Chirila, IM Jovanka Houska, and WGM Anastasiya Karlovich for the move-by-move.


| 120 Min. Incr. 30 Sec.
Alireza Firouzja vs. Fabiano Caruana
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs. Ian Nepomniachtchi
Nodirbek Abdusattorov vs. Praggnanandhaa R
Anish Giri vs. Wesley So
Gukesh D vs. Bogdan Deac


  1. 1:40:00 Chess was such a joy when it was humans who were discovering these wonderful positions. It's still a joy to enjoy these works of art, whoever (or whatever) discovers them, I guess (give the computers, and their makers, their due). Still… can we deny that something about the enterprise is drying out, if the competition becomes a question of who can memorize the most computer preparation?… Also, the less error, the less drama and art – yet more desertification….These fine young minds might in the end best turn to math or physics, or… oh, so many other things, for more fulfillment and actualization…. <Hyperbullet? ;-)> sigh…

  2. Ooooh, real chess. Blitz is least error chess, but classic chess is so deep!!!! Before you comment…. I don't care what you think.

  3. You could have asked Gukesh about what did he think of f5 where there were multiple instances where he could have played the move. And also how after Ne4, B×e4 was a mistake because black had b5 at the end of it

  4. why was Deac so nervous? He needs to get his emotions in control.
    He was leaving the board with seconds on clock. Strange.

  5. The commentary was fantastic! Hats off to GM Evgenij Miroshnichenko!!! He improved the commentary by 1000% IMHO. A great improvement over the Cairns Cup! Keep up the good work. 😊

  6. At the promo at the beginning Chirila says "Hello from me – GM Christina Chirila and by my co-host Anastasiya Karlovich…" She is a Women Grandmaster, buddy. You could've said it.

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